Are gamers who love Halo the new ballet dancers? | Eyeweekly Interview

Gregory Oh has put together some out-there ideas, but the weirdest yet might be Halo Ballet, a 15-minute dance piece related to the videogame, with music performed by Oh’s classical ensemble Toca Loca.

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The-Tentacle3287d ago

Well, I've always pictured them that way.

Vegeta90003287d ago

and they constantly jump up and down when playing Halo as the kill all of the other jumping gummy bears.

Cratos87803287d ago

Are you talking about N4PS3G?

AlienFodder3286d ago

I really fail to see how you can take one of the most testosterone-filled video game franchises (of all-time, probably) and turn it into a ballet... I wish there was an actual video of that. :)