Retro game franchises that need a reboot: Double Dragon

The beat-em-up genre is filled with classic titles that we all know and love, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Streets of Rage, and Final Fight. Sadly, many of the best franchises have fallen into memory, with perhaps Double Dragon hit hardest.

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domo3253289d ago

A reboot for Double Dragon would be awesome. I enjoyed Shank, so I would actually love it if Klei Entertainment gets to handle this job.

darklordzor3289d ago

Exactly, this would be incredibly awesome. Double Dragon was such a great series, it sucks that it never really got the chance to make the jump into the 3D realm of gaming. Maybe one day this will happen. It would be interesting to see what Klei would do with it, especially graphically. Give it a Venture Brothers type upgrade.

icemankartel3289d ago

haha double dragon is truly a classic, i'd like to see a reboot.

poison_shadow3286d ago

I never thought about it, but a DD reboot WOULD be nice.