Blade&Soul Twitted G-Star Screenshot

Demo of <Blade&Soul> is available at G-Star 2010.

“Some people asked me if <Blade&Soul> is playable at G-Star this year. Yes, it will come to G-Star and you can play it,” said JaeHyun Bae the executive director of NC Soft via Twitter.

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Godmars2903288d ago

How do people, women, wear something like that everyday?

Pedantic913288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

...looks like the clothes are glued to the body.....meh, whatever. The main news is, it's going to be playable at G-star, i hope someone films it and puts it up for others to view.

ChozenWoan3287d ago

You'd be surprised at how properly tailored clothing will fit you like a glove... and I wish more chicks would visit her tailor. lol