Vanquish comes with $20 game coupon at Kmart, $30 off select titles

The offer will only be available with in-store purchases from Oct. 19 - Oct. 23. Perhaps an even sweeter offer is that Kmart shoppers can also save $30 on one of the following games if purchased at the same time as Vanquish:

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Supman3700d ago

and um...spider-man? Idk...

Cheeseknight283700d ago

Dead Rising 2 or Enslaved for me, if I decide to bite on this.

Solidus187-SCMilk3700d ago

All the kmarts around here are closed now. I remember going to K-mart in like 2000 and they were still selling SNES games like they were current stuff. I bought Super starwars for super cheap tho.

GoldPS33699d ago

Yeah Kmart is still out there. They did filled for bankruptcy I believe but still manage to keep going with they most profitable stores and they are with Sears.

archemides5183699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

kmart is absolutely killing it with the game deals, no place better for virtually all new releases, almost MINIMUM $20 credit on each it seems

...or i guess u could go wait 4 hrs for a midnight launch at gamestop and pay full price, and hope they don't sell ur preorder to someone else

ABizzel13699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

K-Mart and Toys R Us constantly have these kind of deals, you should check these store first, as well as Amazon.

iceman063699d ago

that Amazon matches the deals with K-Mart! They will USUALLY do it with Wal-Mart or Best Buy, so I'm hoping that they step up to the K-Mart challenge. My ONLY K-Mart sux in the gaming department. They will usually only get like 5-10 copies of any select new release. Which leaves smart shoppers fighting for limited copies.

jronj3699d ago

They had a $25 coupon for enslaved last week but my local Kmart never got received it.

Max Power3699d ago

They have Heavy Rain as "XBox 360, PS3"

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