In Defense of Super Mario Bros. 2

Do you remember the two scenes in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World where Scott shows off his “amazing” knowledge of video game culture by describing the story of how Pac-Man originally went by the name “Puck Man” in Japan, but Namco had to change the name of the character because vandals could easily scratch out the “P” and make the title a lot more amusing? The game culture enthusiasts in the audience giggling at the scene likely weren't amused by Michael Cera's intentionally hammy yet somehow lovable acting. The joke was that everybody knows that old story by now because it's one of the most overplayed examples of mainstream geekdom knowledge ever. Every time a nerd tells that story as a way to seem “in the know” amongst his less nerd savvy friends, a Yoshi gets its wings. The second most over-hyped factoid in gaming culture is the so-called controversy of Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki Doki Panic.

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crunchychocobo3288d ago

Loved learning the history behind SMB2! It was definitely one of my favorites growing up.

frostyhat1233288d ago

It was my least favorite out of the first 3, but It was still great!

8-bit3288d ago

Yeah, It goes SMB3>SMB1>SMB2 in that order. They are all 3 amazing games and favorites of mine but that is how I feel.

MrMccormo3288d ago

I remember amongst friends how we said we wanted the "real" Super Mario Bros 2, but has anyone played it? It's just a more difficult version of SMB1 with a few new powerups. Without the US SMB2, we wouldn't have Shy Guys, multiple playable characters, and Birdo (okay, I could do without him/her)

PirateThom3288d ago

Re-released as Lost Levels on Mario All-Stars.

I definitely prefer it, but it's not a huge upgrade over the first game and definitely nowhere close to 3.

Groove3288d ago

SMB2 was a really different game. I couldn't stop playing as Peach since she could hover. I thought that was the coolest power in the game.

ChickeyCantor3288d ago

Thats the power of the "double jump" effect honestly.
When a platformer lacks these abilities, i still double tap the jump button because they make life so easy. Even though i know it won't work.

RogueCheddar3288d ago

I really never knew all the details until now. Great article.

ChickeyCantor3288d ago

Lots of people have some grudge against this game...i think its a pretty awesome platformer. Just wish they make a second one a bit like new super mario bros wii/ds.

ThirdMarioBro3288d ago

...or at least incorporate some of its elements into the Mario design. Super Mario Advance 4 did a great job at bringing veggie tossing into the brand again, but then Nintendo dropped it and went back to the stale and strict Super Mario Bros. formula. Mix it up a bit is all I'm asking. Super Mario Bros. 2 did just that.

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The story is too old to be commented.