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Thisisxbox writes: "Hearing the familiar classic “SEGA” intro when you load up Sonic the Hedgehog 4, will certainly put a smile on your face if you remember it from the good old Mega Drive days of gaming – and Genesis for those of you in America, but does this game live up to the memory of other 2D Sonic games and was sixteen years really worth the wait for an all-out 2D-HD sequel?"

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Shadow Flare3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Agreed it is a good review. I wrote a comment a couple of hours ago after trying the game an basically came to all the same conclusions this guy did. Heres my previous comment:

"i just bought this game and im disappointed with it. It just doesnt feel like a classic sonic game. If i were to give a quick laydown:


-graphical design is great
-Some level design ideas are quite cool


-controls feel so rigid and heavy, not like the old flowing sonic. When you stop running he'll just practically stop dead on the spot. Same with jumping

- Sonics animation is a bit duff. He walks for so long when you first make him move

- The level design is falling back far too much on old sonic levels and re-using the same concepts

- The MUSIC, GEEZ, when compared to the incredible soundtracks of old sonic games, the music is HORRENDOUS. It made my ears bleed. Its SUCH a shame because sonics music used to always be incredible. Such thumping soundtracks. The music in Sonic 4 is just continous organ sounds. Just the organ. It, it sounds like traditional british seaside organ music, converted into a midi file. It made me angry. Comparing it to awesome tunes like Hydrocity 2 and Azure Palace, i wanted to rip my ears off. Tragic, as the music was one of the main things i was looking forward to

- Should be more levels. Compared to the past sonics, this is a joke. And the levels arent good enough to warrent the small number of them

-Couldnt see a 2 player

- You can play any level instantly. WTF is that about? You dont even have to work through them


Score: 7/10

Its descent and does enough things right, but falls short of the past sonic games enough times that its frustrating. Why didnt Sonic Team keep the old movement mechanics of sonic

sigh, whatever"


I just don't understand why sega get things so wrong. Namely, sonics movement. And I agree, the homing attack makes the game too easy. The level design is nothing on par with the old sonics, the music is CRAP, sonic doesn't look right, and on and on.....However I will say that it's not an awful game. It's a good game in it's own right, it's just that when you've played the originals, you realise this game is falling short of the mark.

It's a descent game, but it doesn't come close to the classic mega drive versions. I also feel ripped off

thisisxbox3700d ago

It was the only game where I was kind of pleased, but disappointed rolled into one - it's odd, because the game doesn't feel finished.