Six Solid Games Doomed to Die in 2010

Every October, the nightmare comes to life in exactly the same way: Half the great games of the year come out during the three month holiday season, when gamers have the least amount of disposable income. As a result, worthwhile games get overlooked.

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ironfist923295d ago

Modern Warfare games are so boring now. Cant wait for my Sci Fi shooter fix with Halo: Reach, Dead Space, Gears Of War 3, Resistance 2, Killzone 3, etc...

Sarevok3295d ago

playing Resistance for the first time atm and it's a gem.

grailly3295d ago

don't forget vanquish! I really think it's going to be good. I don't think it'll sell well though...

gypsygib3295d ago

Vanquish better succeed, judging from the demo the gameplay and innovation (in terms of gameplay) is better than the majority of games released this year. It's a shame Platinum games can't make a descent story - WTF is up with the acting and old Saturday morning cartoon drama. Hire a profession writer!!

DeathGazer3295d ago

Vanquish will sell about the same as Bayonetta, which isn't a good thing unfortunately.

gypsygib3295d ago

Sales only really matter when you want a sequel; I'm buying it so there not a huge issue right now.

ico923295d ago

sales mean Nothing Ico wasn't the best selling game on the PS2 wasn't even one of the best selling ps2 games, but its considered to be one of the best/ memorable

Neckbear3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

But I like weird ridiculous stories. I don't want melodrama everywhere in a game where you're supposed to be awesome as fuck.


Perhaps it'll sell more. Perhaps it won't. Oh well, I'll just buy my copy.


Wait, what? First off, I doubt a comment section that limits your right to reply and discussion is "good", where certain people can circlejerk and abuse a system only to shut someone off because they don't like his/her opinion.

Second, WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD of my comment actually pointed out that *I*, as a person, WASN'T NORMAL? OH NO HE DOESN'T HAS sup4k1ll4sn1p3rn4ruto666 AS A NAME! BLASPHEMY! HE'S A WEIRDO! HE'S NOT NORMAL! BURN HIM ALIVE!

Aleusia3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

But I like good discussion boards and comment sections. I don't want 4chan rejects in a site where you're supposed to be normal.

Aleusia3295d ago

It will but IGN and Jim Sterling will try to rain on everyone's parade.

IGN because it's japanese and Jim Sterling because he hates popular games.

Aleusia3295d ago

I am really starting to miss the Japanese hack and slash action adventure games of the PS2 era.

Onimusha (all of them)
Chaos Legion

You get's a genre that isn't even dead, these were popular games back then, Japan just doesn't want to make them anymore. Westerners are making them this gen and killing the genre with chain swords and other stupid stretchy weapons.

If they are going to make them, can we get a game that doesn't involve a male protagonist who looks like he could be a bouncer in some New York night club? Would a straight bladed weapon be too much to ask either?

ocnkng3295d ago

Really miss Onimusha. However what do you think of Bayonetta?
I think Japan delivered one true gem with Demon's Souls, even though its very different from a standard HacknSlash, it does have a charm similar to those games.

FwanK3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I Played yesterday Medal of Bad Company

El_Colombiano3294d ago

Was that an attempt at trolling?

Relientk773295d ago

I liked the Vanquish demo, and I'm buying this (and Castlevania too actually)