Papoutsis Confirms Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition For US writes:

"The Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition was formally announced for Europe today. Steve Papoutsis just confirmed the collector’s edition for the U.S over on twitter."

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ironfist923291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Tell me, why of all people, do the EU PS3 owners lose out on the Plasma Cutter? I honestly do not see any valid reason why.

TheDuke773291d ago

Why do any PS3 owners lose out on the Plasma Cutter? especially since every PS3 copy of Dead Space 2 is supposed to be getting the Wii Port anyways? So basically, instead of the Plasma Cutter, PS3 owners get the big middle finger.

Ethereal3291d ago

All regions get the plasma cutter. I thought that too when I say it on the EA site but I found it to be incorrect due to seeing the official release on facebook. EU just gets it all plus a rivet gun if to what I am reading is correct. It says that EU gets a special offering with additional bonuses. So I believe all regions will get the cutter. =)