E4G: Hunted: The Demons Forge hands on

E4G: Whilst playing Hunted: The Demons Forge with a fellow gamer in co-op he described Hunted to a friend as like “a medieval Gears of War”, if only it was that good. Hunted is a re-imagining of a traditional dungeon crawler, as instead of the usual top-down perspective you see the world from an over the shoulder third person perspective, much like in a Gears or recent Resident Evil game.

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Rowland3698d ago

this is re-hashed info that's been common knowledge for a few months now.

What we'd like to know:

Is the game open world or linear ?
How large is the game world ?
How long will it take to complete the main quest/side quests ?
How deep is character customization ?
How deep are the skill/ability/leveling mechanics ?