Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta: EA Missed the Boat Again

EA's Dead Space Mutiplayer Beta was a good thing, it showed gamers what's going to be wrong with the game and gave them a reasons to cancel their pre-orders. If anything this beta feels like Medal of Honor. EA could have used this opportunity to highlight what's going to be great about the game but instead for several reasons EA has once again fallen short.

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Blaster_Master3297d ago

I think the guy who wrote this article just wouldn't know a good game if it slapped him in the face and called him mama. Seriously, the Dead Space 2 beta is friggin awesome, better than I had hoped for. The only thing thats missing is differentiation between human characters, there really should be 4 different main characters, and more weapons. But I guess that the weapons are so bad ass there really isn't a need for more? Also, we need more maps and game modes! But this is a beta, what do you want a friggin AAA game for free?

JimmyJames703297d ago

You say it's friggin awesome and then list three things that it's missing. Doesn't sound so awesome to me.

Then again, I'll be playing it for the SP campaign. I loved the first Dead Space.

SSKILLZ3297d ago

You can thank the Ps3 users and visceral for making the online awesome Jan 25 2011 ok, and 3 things that are missing are way more than just 3 and its a good thing, i think the selected testers did a awesome job in suggesting what could be better for the online experience and i was in the close beta.

despair3297d ago


The MP beta was a good showing on what the game would be like online, from what Blaster_Master said its not 3 problems that the final game would have but 3 problems with the beta, it was only 300mb in size so only 1 map with very limited weapons and only a single game mode. Its not what will be in the final game alone and from the Beta I must say its a great addition.

BLuKhaos3297d ago

"You say it's friggin awesome and then list three things that it's missing. Doesn't sound so awesome to me."

It's a fucking beta, of course it's going to have things missing, it's not the full game Einstein.

Anyways I agree with Blaster master, the beta was awesome. I wasn't going to buy this game on day one but now I'm going to pre-order it after playing the beta.

Spydiggity3297d ago

that a guy who named himself after one of the best games of the first nintendo generation could think such a god awful POS game could be any good. go on steam, buy l4d2 for 7 dollars, and play VS. then you'll have the vastly superior version of the clone that is dead space 2 multiplayer.

we call it "left 4 dead space 2" *rolls eyes*

Blaster_Master3297d ago

Left 4 Dead was garbage. I wouldn't buy that game for a penny. Dead Space 2 beta online is the shiznit, and I have very high standards for games, I think most games this gen suck. This game is very balanced btw, both sides have different strengths and weaknesses. You wont like this game if your team sucks forsure. BTW, i doubt any of you even tried the beta to be talkin smack. You just running your mouth cause your bored.

despair3297d ago


L4D1 and 2 is a a lot of fun when you have 4 live players and DS2 Beta is also a lot of fun(yes I have the beta) why the hate and anger, "most games this gen suck" sorry for you then cause I got a whole lot of great games this gen.

Spydiggity3297d ago

but you had to prove you're a jerk. so here it is. L4D is hardly crap, it's actually great great fun. you're in denial if you think that sh*tty game, dead space 2 is anything but a very crappy version of vs. it doesn't play well, it's boring, there's no real balance to it. and the game isn't designed to be played multiplayer which is why everyone hates being the humans. it's like forcing something that is supposed to be slow paced to be fast. it's PURE GARBAGE. and yeah, i'm in the beta...or rather i should say i was...cuz after about 2 hours of playing i was so bored i wanted to dig my eyes out with a fork just to give my something to do.

i'm not at all surprised that such a lousy game is regarded as quality because the majority of ppl that play games are mainstream morons that think all the worst games that do nothing unique are the best games. IE. COD, Uncharted, etc...

i think your comment and the disagrees i got for something so obvious has made me realize something rather important here. n4g is not news 4's news (though it's even rarely that - mostly rumors and opinions) for mainstream teeny-boppers and that's exactly what most of you are...sad.

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Sillyace923297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I like how he states he's going to cancel his preorder after realizing the beta sucks.

Because the whole reason he thought of buying the game, I'm assuming, was for the online and not the campaign.Unlike the rest of us.

And now that he thinks the beta is a completer representation of the final product therefor he's not going to buy it. Shows the intelligence of the writer.

wsoutlaw873297d ago

beta kicks ass. with the other maps guns and game mode in the final release I'm going to be playing it often. I play the beta all the time

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Klipz-Wish3297d ago

I don't think that EA is trying to sell this game with multiplayer if anything i see it only as an addition.

CobraKai3297d ago

If anyone has played the first game, they will realize that it isn't a game where multiplayer is necessary. I feel it's there to appease those mp only gamers.

dead_eye3296d ago

Your right the MP is there to appeal to MP only players. As long as the single player is on the same level as the first one then it's not a problem that they added MP

averyzoe3297d ago

Seems like all the new games coming out are just the same old ideas redone.

Dr-Zoidberg3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Why would you cancel because of the crap tacked on MP, by that reasoning I bet he skipped the stellar SP on the first one because of the lack of MP. DS is all about the terrific single player.

Shackdaddy8363297d ago

Ya, that doesnt make any sense at all seeing that the whole reason you would buy this game is cus of the SP

Neckbear3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

If you think so, for the love of god, please go play Penumbra or Amnesia.

Either way, liked the first one, will buy this one for the Single Player, and will try the Multiplayer a little.


Why, yes, that is common. Mainly because you see yourself more immersed on a game rather than a movie since you have to control your character's actions, among other stuff. Well, that's the logical explanation anyways.

Shackdaddy8363297d ago

Ya, Ive played all of those games and Im scared shitless while playing them all.

IDK why, Im never scared for horror movies(I actually think they are really boring) but I just get so incredibly scared while playing horror games...

Dr-Zoidberg3296d ago

Terrific: extraordinarily great or intense.

MrCrimson3297d ago

His lone complaint was balance...which is exactly the point of the beta.

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