When Girl Gamers Go Pro

It's the final round in a critical player vs. player bout of Tekken 6, and Katherine "Mystik" Gunn's fingers are flying across her Xbox controller, her eyes focused on the screen. A few button combinations and joystick swirls and her character, a provocatively dressed blonde martial arts master named Lily, flips her opponent over and delivers two swift kicks to knock him out. Once Gunn realizes she's won, a look of relief spreads across her face. She sits back and relaxes, soaking up the applause of the hundreds of people who turned up at Samsung Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif., to watch her compete to keep her spot on WCG Ultimate Gamer 2, a reality TV competition on the Syfy cable network. It's a lot of pressure when you're competing in video games on a national stage, but for Katherine, it's all in a day's work.

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