Returning Character For Upcoming Twisted Metal Announced

David Jaffe is one to be very talkative online. A lot of the time his ideas, comments, news comes through his Twitter account. Well today he tweeted some very exciting news regarding the upcoming PS3 exlcusive Twisted Metal game.

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jaredhart3699d ago

Agreed, wasn't this news 3 weeks ago?

Dee_913699d ago

i used to play with axel the most lol

Bereaver3699d ago

Yeah, I seen this a while back.

Blaze9293699d ago

how about returning 'all' characters?

120FPS3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Who cares Twisted Metal is SHIT, its like the film Tommy -has a cult following but ultimatley, its the biggest bag of bollock since Himmlers secret Jew balls bag was discovered

Trebius3699d ago

Maybe mommy will buy you a ps3.

Ask Santa Clause for one :)

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The story is too old to be commented.