Top Five Most Disappointing Final Boss Battles

The final boss is an important figure.

He or she (or it) represents the ultimate challenge, the culmination of all your efforts.

So it’s really a shame when the final boss fight doesn’t live up.

Here’s the five most disappointing final boss battles we’ve encountered.

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Kain813699d ago

Orphanus is the most disappointing final boss i ever saw
the list is pretty much worthless in my opinion

Yi-Long3699d ago

... was a bit disappointing, in that I had far more trouble with Alma (twice) plus a couple of the other bosses in that game, yet the final boss I beat on the very first try...

Still a brilliant game ofcourse, and I was kinda relieved that I finished it, but still.... you'd expect a bit more from that final boss, considering what has gone before.

A Cupcake for Gabe3699d ago

Personally any game that ends with fighting a bunch of enemies and no real boss is bogus.
Bioshock 2, Arkham had this which was kind of lame.

My #1 lame ass boss was in WET. You fought a bunch of baddies then had two lame cut scenes with maybe a total of 7 key QTE button presses. I mean the main dude and the coolest boss of the game taken out by a low budget cutscene. Epic Fail!

blitz06233699d ago

How is Demon's Souls not in this list? Everything in that game was hell except for the final battle

Beefstew4u3698d ago

I agree, Resistance 2's final boss battle was pretty boring (but the powers you get after are fun for the minute you get to use them).

Also, Borderlands should be on this list. Like WTF happened at the end?

That was kinda the thing about Demon's Souls. You had to fight so many hard bosses and then everything, expecting the final boss to be the hardest ever. But he's actually very weak and pretty much can't even damage you. Kind of ironic compared to the rest of the game.

3698d ago
CimmerianDrake3698d ago

Yu Yevon from FFX. You CAN'T lose. Your entire party has permanent Auto-Life and Yu Yevon is extremely weak.

Non_sequitur3698d ago

You can make it harder by leveling up your aeons.

CimmerianDrake3698d ago

First of all, love the name. Second, that never worked for me either. I've had my aeons at max and it still was a cake walk. Then again, my characters were also at high stats.

Oh, did I happen to mention permanent auto-life. If you can't die, you can't lose. Meaning that it doesn't matter what Yu Yevon throws at you, you'll just win because he can die and you can't.

Hell, I know someone who played the game WITHOUT using the sphere grid even once. All she did was level up her Aeons using items. And she beat Yu Yevon easily. You just can't die. I would say that that qualifies as easy and disappointing.

dc13698d ago

A simplistic boss fight was a relief ..not a downer.
With all the hell we had to endure to get there... I was quite pleased with the last battle.

UltraNova3698d ago

In another note, the most epic boss fight in the history of, well everything, was the between Snake and Liquid in MGS4 on the top of the submarine!

TheLastGuardian3698d ago

I don't even remember the final boss battle in Resistance 2. Shows how memorable that game was.

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MrMccormo3699d ago ShowReplies(1)
Chug3699d ago

Final boss in Dead Space was pretty disappointing IMO.

n4f3699d ago

oh you deserve to be disappoint. you dare play ffXIII, its an abomination!

zeddy3698d ago

i thought zeus vs kratos the 3rd fight in gaia's freaking heart chamber was a bit of an anti-climax. the leviathan boss fight was the most epic battle ever in video games, should have saved it till last or someting similar...

HeavenlySnipes3698d ago

delayed the game. After completing it and watching the dev. videos you'd see that they planned on making each boss battl more epic including making the Zeus vs Kratos battle on Gaia WHILE she was fighting you both). They spent too mich time on Posiedon, thats why the battles like the Helios, and Hermes boss battles where less than stellar. I think that Sony wanted one game in te Jan. to Feb. released time but personally would have accepted waiting till summer if the game was going to be more epic than it already is.

Oh yea OT: my game(s) are Mercenaries 2 and Fable 2. The last boss fight in Mercs is a QTE (its not even exciting) and in Fable 2 you shoot an old man in the head. Game Over. WTF?

Tony P3698d ago

The boss of Risen was total crap. All those hours of grinding and for what? To use skills that have nothing to do with the skills you've been building the whole game.

Also, Oblivion. I'm sure it *looks* really cool. But it would be so much better if you could actually *fight* the last guy. Not watch the real hero fight him.

Nevers3698d ago

These are merely my opinion and simply what I could think of off the top of my noggin'.

Gears of War 2... giant slimeball you just shoot at as your helicopter circles and I'm in no danger. After the epic General "Hide like a bitch and run rabbit run" from Gears 1, I was pretty disappointed in GeoW II's "final boss".

Halo 3 ... spark?? Really... and what a joke battle. Couple of shots with the lazer and I'm done? ... oh wait... a race for survival, okay that almost makes up for how much of a disappointment spark was... er maybe. Okay .. not really.

GoW II ... a parade of all the enemies you've fought thus far but we're gonna make healing very minimal... ho hum, indeed.

SMB1 ... "wait ... haven't I done this like 7x already??"

Ninja Gaiden I (NES, and on the opposite end of disappointment) ... this is so epic I want to carve my eyeballs out with the controller and have a bum piss on my face. Wait, what??? ... I have to do the whole level over?? Just kill me now, god. Strike me down, painfully. Please don't let hell be: playing Ninja Gaiden I"

iamtehpwn3698d ago

Cast Zombie--->Phoenix Down.

Although it is kinda cool to beat the final boss with a phoenix down

specialguest3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

The freakin' last boss is the real Bowser who you've fought on every level, except he's the real one. In addition, you finally rescue an ungrateful bitch of a princess who doesn't even give you some booty at the end, let alone a damn kiss. Instead, she presents you with a new more challenging quest.

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SactoGamer3699d ago

The final battle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sucked pretty royally, too.

SasanovaS19873699d ago

dont know whats sadder...the final boss ur talkin about, or you takin the time to get to that final boss...

lolzers3699d ago

I haven't played the game, but why is it sad? It's a game, he played it and completed it. Is it any sadder than playing any other game you've played, and why?

Are you the judge and jury on what game is the coolest game to play?

mindedone3699d ago

Sasanova as Superior Judge of Coolness of Video Game and Video Game Paraphernalia.

NotSoSilentBob3699d ago

I would have to say the final boss of Demon Soul's. After having all those hard bosses and the little tricks to beating them, only to have a boss that you can punch to death cause he doesn't have any big attacks is weak.

razielsonofkain3699d ago

yeah he just sorta flopped about in the mud while i shot him with my bow - i didn't even think it was the end.

WLPowell3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

and I think False King was truly the last boss, the King Allant part was just part of the ending.

I vote Final Fantasy X... seriously you fight one of the germs from Dr. Mario

alphakennybody3699d ago

Resistance 2's last boss was pretty disappointing.

alphakennybody3699d ago

oh you better believe that's a paddlin'

TheoreticalParticle3699d ago

Sheesh. That was pretty underwhelming.

The last "boss" from Black being a collection of the same generic enemies you were fighting the entire game was pretty damn lame.

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