The Top 10 Ridiculous, But Awesome, Video Game Weapons

In video games that there are some really awesome looking weapons out there. You know, like the Sparda Sword from Devil May Cry, the Gunblade from Final Fantasy, Soul Calibur/Soul Edge from the Soul Blade/Calibur games. The list goes on! But, of course, with the awesome comes the stupid, Cait Sith's Megaphone in Final Fantasy VII being one example.

But of course there's an in-between world as well, that being stupid, yet awesome. Here are the top 10 (in my opinion) best ridiculous, but awesome video game weapons.

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ironfist923295d ago

Can't wait for this Bad Boy:

ico923294d ago

the writer obviously hasn't played borderlands i mean a sniper rifle that fires electric bolts how stupidly awesome is that

3294d ago
Aleusia3294d ago

So no Ultima weapon or Masamune from FF7?

article invalidated

IaMs123294d ago

Article is fail list....

despair3294d ago

nothing beats the Big Friggin' Gun, the original ridiculous but awesome weapon.

IaMs123294d ago

exactly what i thought and no Gravity gun

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