GameFocus: Lost Horizon Review

GameFocus writes: "Lost Horizon makes for a solid choice. It will get the brain juices flowing and you’ll find yourself engaged enough to learning more of the story. The voice acting could have been better, but in the world of video games that’s nothing really surprising. While it’s not a long journey, it can eat up the hours with some of its less-than-obvious puzzles and brain-benders. Overall however, it’s an enjoyable time to be had and I recommend it for a bit of brain work and relaxing point and click fun."


+ Well crafted storyline
+ Artistic style is beautifully rendered and fits the period
+ Solid and simple gameplay
+ Puzzles take some thought to complete...


- ...Puzzles take some thought to complete
- Voice acting isn’t top notch
- Vague instructions to complete scenes
- Slower gameplay can be distracting

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