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EX: "Not content to allow Call of Duty’s dominant reign to continue any longer, Electronic Arts and developers DICE and Danger Close have gone all out with “Medal of Honor”; the next-gen reboot of EA’s once prestigious World War II themed first-person shooter franchise. Set in modern day Afghanistan and based on the accounts of real-life Special Forces operatives in the United States military, “Medal of Honor” delivers an action-packed ride that fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a whole lot more than that."

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Urmomlol3296d ago

I'm not sold on Medal of Honor. It looks pretty generic to me. Worse than Call of Duty, which is really saying something truth be told.

BulletToothtony3296d ago

maps are too small for 24 players.. sadly.. 8 vs 8 would've been perfect..

24 was a mistake! couldn't stay alive for longer than 30 seconds without getting sniped or try to flank without a camper hiding..

i wanted to love MoH sadly the MP was a campers galore :{

Lou Ferrigno3296d ago

i can tell you that its a great game and way better then what the reviews are giving it.. it does have some flaws but nothing super big enuf to downgrade it like the reviewers have ben giving it...
a fun campeign with awesome graphics.
the MP needs some work but has great potential as its DICE handleing it.


Wii360BeatsPS33296d ago

Dice should have got it right first time then if they've got pedigree, they obviously are not as good as people give them credit for. I've never been a fan of Bad Company, I think it sucks balls and I don't see what others see in it.

COD destroys it.

dkgshiz3296d ago

Have fun with those COD rehashes :)

jdktech20103296d ago

COD players generally don't like BF games because it's not instant gratification and "Look at me running around like I'm Speedy Gonzalez firing my dual wield shotguns that have the range of an assault rifle while firing 2 noob tube shots and then pulling more out of my *** and doing it again and again.....I'm so awesome!!!!"

Now, I enjoy COD games but I also enjoy BF games (so hoping BF3 turns out awesome) but BF games are tactical (see strategy and teamwork) while COD games are the ego stroking games (see lone wolf and people who think they're awesome when they go 41-4 but the team still loses in domination or any objective game)

Holeran3296d ago

You missed " all while jumping 30 feet through the air and sticking my knife in some poor souls chest while he wasted a clip of ammo trying to shoot me".

AKA3296d ago

Is a team based game but tactical? nope
Socom is tactical or Counter strike.

But games like BF or MAG are team based games.

Even Killzone 2 and specialy KZ3 is tactical.