wanderson75: Kinect Selling Out All Over The UK. What about US?

Reports that Play, Amazon, and other retailers in the UK are selling out of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 are big news on the web. But what about at home?

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Zir03292d ago

"They did say that they have gone to Microsoft and requested additional units to be allocated"

That must have been what GameStop did. Probably taking from the UK too.

zeddy3291d ago

its selling out not because there a huge demand but because microsoft didnt ship that many.

Hallmark Moment3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

If you need to tell yourself that so you can sleep better so be it. You guys are worring yourselves into mental illness/madness. Trolling won't stop Kinect. You trolls need to get a life. MSFT get more attention from PS3 fanboys then Sony does, it's no wonder the PS3 is getting left in the dust in 3rd place with sales and NPD threw in the towel. Move flopped and has no hope of competing with Kinect and the PS3 has no exclusives so the desperate hate towards Kinect is ramped you to an all out assault .

turnerdc3291d ago

Microsoft said themselves this was going to be a HUGE launch, much like launching an entirely new platform. Why would they risk gimping their critical launch performance by shipping too few units?

Chaostar3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

There's a little truth to that actually, taken direct from

"Please Note: Supplies of this product are extremely limited and are under allocation by Microsoft."

I don't see why MS would deliberately withhold stock, it's probably just that they can't manufacture enough to meet demand? maybe?

Edit: OK *looks at disagrees*, maybe not i was merely speculating. It just seems odd that would mention limited allocation from MS on their Kinect page, no?

MachinaMaw3291d ago

The UK must really like their motion controls.

Imperator3291d ago

EXACTLY. Same thing happened with Move.

sbizarre3291d ago

At my old work Microsoft limited the amount of xbox slims to sell on release. People are more likely to buy when somethings running out quick.

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Domer253291d ago

It will sell; get over it. And just for sh!ts and giggles, They sold over 20 million "Snuggies" last year. A [email protected] blanket with armholes in it!

Biggest3291d ago

It's not a blanket with holes! It's a damned robe on backwards!

MNicholas3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

This is another well coordinated marketing trick aimed at artificially generating some "momentum" by tapping into the public's lemming mentality.

More and more companies are doing this kind of sleazy tactic is becoming quite common as retailers have started cooperating with manufacturers to mislead the public.

Kinect, being a high profit margin product (costs $10 to manufacture so, at $149, provides massive profit for retailers and Microsoft) is just the kind of product that will motivate retailers to do this.

The music industry did this for years. Eventually they got sued but, in the mean time, they made hundreds of billions of dollars with their back-room deals.

absolutecarnage3291d ago

I think you need to make a new tin foil hat because the one you have on is wrapped way to hard around your head cutting off circulation. Get some fresh air sometime

niceguywii603292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Sales don't matter anymore no one will be able to track the sheer volume of sales when it comes to Xbox products this holiday. + is somewhat trying to spin the demand of Kinect trying to downplay it.

adamx3292d ago Show
Moentjers3291d ago

and how many 360 gamers on N4G are going to buy it or have a pre-order standing out ?

I see a lot of defense for the Kinect but haven't seen many confirmations of buyers.

So what games are you 'real gamers' gonna buy ?

absolutecarnage3291d ago

See i have this thing called a family, and have kids so damn rights i'm going to buy kinect and check it out, if it's not for me, i know for a fact that my kids will still love it and play it, which i perfer because if my kids are going to play video games i rather them jump around then sit on couch moving only there hands.

IronFistChinMi3291d ago

I've had my pre-order for a while now and will be getting Dance Central and Your Shape at launch (Child of Eden when that drops early next year as well), so you can count me in. I've been gaming since 1984, have both HD consoles and have recently completed Halo: Reach on Legendary. Solo. Is that "real" enough for you?

ranmafandude3292d ago

are we still playing the sales game? geez i though that was old as hell by now lol.when are the sale gamers actually gonna play real video games for once?

ukilnme3291d ago

Well, when will the trolls stop caring so much about Kinect?

gcolley3291d ago

you clicked, you commented... yes you are still playing the sales game

Gears_of_War_33292d ago

Playing Reach , Fable 3 , Black Ops and New Vegas so i wont give a sh** about Kinect.

gcolley3291d ago

i don't understand people commenting on kinect articles when they don't give a sh** about it??? go on admit it, you care a lil' bit

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The story is too old to be commented.