Anonymous Valve Employee: DotA Dev Is “Poisonous To The Company”

Someone claiming to be an employee of Valve, though posting anonymously, has claimed that Defense of the Ancients developer Abdul Ismail - brought on-board to work on DotA 2 – is “poisonous to the company”.


"Update: You’ll see that someone in the comments thread below is claiming to be Valve’s Mike Belzer. We’ve emailed Mike to check whether it’s actually him or not, and are waiting to hear back."

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MachinaMaw3700d ago

Hope this isn't true cause I'm looking forward to DotA2. With Valve working on it, I'm sure it'll turn out amazing.

Gago3700d ago

Valve and Abdul Ismail can do whatever they want

The Lazy One3700d ago

If he used his name or anyone else's name they'd be in deep shit with the higher ups. Not surprised he doesn't use his name.

visualb3700d ago

its almost becoming like a soap operah -_-

ATi_Elite3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Yep it's true.

I work at Valve (I change the freshness puck in the urinals) and I must say Abdul Ismail is very hard to work with. He pisses all over the side of the urinal then drips it on the floor and uses an abnormally large amount of toilet paper but instead of flushing it he puts it in the trash can or on Friday's he sticks it to the ceiling.

I don't know what Gabe Newell saw in this guy.

Also the way this guy farts OMG, it's like mustard gas.
very poisonous to the immediate area when he ripps one.

Chris Evans3700d ago

These things are always iffy, you can understand why the person would remain anonymous in this situation yet their very anonymity makes people doubt it. Hmm!

tdrules3700d ago

Unadulterated smear, it's just disgusting.
Same with the EA Mythic thing yesterday, people like this don't deserve the time of day, either be public about it or keep your opinions to yourself

kaveti66163700d ago

The blogpost itself is unethical behavior on the part of the employee.

A company's employees simply should not air out their dirty laundry in public. Either keep your feelings to yourself or address your complaints in a more respectful manner to a supervisor.

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The story is too old to be commented.