What EA Should Learn from Activision

Electronic Arts has come a long way since the beginning of the new millennium. Back then, the largest third-party publisher in the world had developed a reputation for iterative sports titles and middling quality licensed games. What original titles EA produced (like Medal of Honor and SSX) slowly had the energy sucked out them with uninspired sequels. EA had developed a reputation among gamers: a gaming factory for mass produced dross.

Electronic Arts has upset or disappointed many of the very same people it hopes will buy their product to accommodate a group of people of who likely will NEVER buy Medal of Honor or any other game for that matter. How does that add up at all? Activision has demonstrated that you don't have to compromise your creative vision to be successful – maybe EA should take notes.

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donniebaseball3295d ago

Wow, a somewhat pro Activision, anti-EA piece? And strangely, I think I agree with this sentiment.

MrMccormo3295d ago

What EA should learn from Activision: nothing. EA used to be like Activision, but thankfully they've changed (somewhat).

In the past 5 years EA has put out:
- Dead Space
- Mirror's Edge
- Battlefield
- Mass Effect 2

In the past 5 years Activision has put out:
- Call of Duty
- More Call of Duty
- A lot of Call of Duty DLC
- A s**tload of Guitar Hero nonsense.

hwbrewer33295d ago

call of duty series is what sells.the way it is structured for online and the replay value is amazing and will keep leading in overall sales every time a new one comes out.that should raise some eye brows at ea. activision has their sh#t together,which is why they have 80% of 1st person shooters on there servers everyday.medal of honor in my opinion was a joke.i got it the day it came out and is already on ebay.