Vanquish: “the the most important cover shooter in ages”

Vanquish, the latest masterpiece from Shinji Mikami (the creator of the Resident Evil franchise) gets a perfect score.

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immortal843293d ago

Platinum games is the best developer in the industry right now.

SasanovaS19873293d ago

i would buy it if it had multiplayer...unfortunately, it doesnt

AhmadVGArabia3292d ago

Should every game have a multiplayer? No. I played Bayonetta for over 60 hours and I'm not tired of it. Platinum games create the most enjoyable games and I'm pretty sure that Vanquish will have a high replay value.

TheLastGuardian3292d ago

The campaign looks awesome but no multiplayer makes this just a rental.

UNCyrus3292d ago

I hate this new generation of "gamer" that won't even give a game the time of day unless it has multiplayer. Stop being so eff'ing self entitled, and support good, solid games like this one!

ddurand13292d ago

I agree. If it had MP I would probably buy it too. There are just too many other games coming out that I will get more time played per dollar out of.

Neckbear3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )


God. People, I've replayed THE GODDAMN DEMO trying to get the best scores and time possible.

It might not be some people's thing (Replaying something for difficulty or hunting down scores) but I, myself, love the concept and how it works out.

Also, I've never been a multiplayer guy for things aside from SplitScreen, Racers and Fighters.

ddurand13292d ago

ill support it when it comes down in price.

Karum3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Every game does not need to have multiplayer, but this is a shooter. There is really no better genre for competitive multiplayer.

I'll be buying it though, the demo was too good for me to ignore this game tbh.

Gue13292d ago

I agree. With no MP this is just a weekend rental. I bet the game's not even 7 hours long and $60 for a game I will only play for 3 days max?

Last gen most games were at least 15-20 hours long and their price was lower too. 50vs60. And then there's the fact that there are so many other games that I have yet to play and that are much more longer.

number473292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The game doesn't have it. Its not exactly some story-strong title. Its a shooter with cover. Good looking game, but the demo suggests its fast/quicksnap gameplay.

Online would only be a natural assumption with something like this.

After playing the demo. Its not a rental, not even buying it. Just seemed like a good engine, but it appears to be just another shooter.

SasanovaS19873292d ago

its a rental for me, no doubt. i cant believe people will buy this, and waste 65 bucks for a game that will give u a days worth of story telling...with a 5 day rental, that leaves another 4 days to just screw around and replay, and get collectibles and trophys...other then that, i see alot of people returning or trading in the game after a month period, when real 65 dollar purchases start rolling out...i mean comeon...i dont care how much you disagree, it doesnt make you any less wrong :/

Active Reload3292d ago

I couldn't tell by the demo.

TheLastGuardian3292d ago

I didn't mean I only buy games with multiplayer. I spend most of my time playing single player. Even if this game had multiplayer I still wouldn't buy it because I have other games on my radar.

jerethdagryphon3292d ago

really no multiplayer im interested then

kunit22c3292d ago

don't see where the hate is coming from... I thought the demo was AWESOME,not even kidding probably going to be one of the best single player games this year

inveni03292d ago

Games that DON'T need multiplayer:

inFamous 2
Uncharted 2
God of War (1,2,3)
KillZone 2
KillZone 3
Heavy Rain
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Dead Space (1,2)
Red Dead Redemption
GTA (1,2,3,VC,SA,4)
etc, etc

While some of those game would benefit from multiplayer (even just in co-op fashion), none of them rely on it.

Games that DO need multiplayer:

Call of Duty (3+)
Modern Warfare (all)
Halo (1,2,3,ODST,Reach)

Do you see a pattern here? I can tell which system someone prefers by whether or not they judge a game by whether or not that game has multiplayer.

3292d ago
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Akagi3292d ago

"Platinum games is the best developer in the industry right now."


Just wow.

despair3292d ago

hmm they're not even in my top ten lol.

HolyOrangeCows3292d ago

And even funnier: "one of the best games this gen"

Armyntt3292d ago

It might be to him. Its his opinion after all not yours or mine. I might just think Madden 11 is the best of this gen. Am i right? If its my opinion i cant be wrong, if its my perception then its reality in my eyes.

despair3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Its his opinion but all I did was state my as did these other guys, no one called him an idiot or attacked him in anyway just countered his opinion with another whats wrong with that?

also he got 14 agrees and 27 disagrees(from this post) so that shows some think like him while others don't, its not like he got reported or people tried taking his bubbles(at least I hope not). If you feel offended or hurt when people reply to your posts then don't post anything.

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THE MAX SPEED 213292d ago

I agree with you they are very underrated and they deliver all the time. The disagrees with you are half Retarded so dont mind them.

JsonHenry3292d ago

If it is anything like the demo then no thank you.

BrianB3292d ago

it will probably be better than Uncharted but i personally think it will fail in comparison the Gears of war greatnesss

Domer253292d ago

No one cares what you "personally think". 1 bubble validates that

BkaY3292d ago

why bother... seriously?


NewZealander3292d ago

i hated the demo, i dont see why this game is getting so much attention, it reminded me of a cross between gears and lost planet,but with awful techno music, im sure my ears were bleeding after the soundtrack and terrible voice acting.

Aleusia3292d ago

@ disagrees

Wow, alot of people hate everything good about PS2 era Japanese games.

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zireno3293d ago

well, I don't know if it is "the most important cover shooter in ages" and I couldn't care less but it sure is extremely fun, I really can't tell how many times I have played the demo, I'll be getting it day 1.

Hellsvacancy3292d ago

I can really see how appealin Vanquish is 2 sum but its not 4me, i can seriously apreaciate how insane the game looks its just not 4-me, not summin id buy, its too fast paced, i smoke too much pot so my eyes r like a china mans they wouldnt b able 2 keep up

Convas3292d ago

Maybe you should easy up on the pot bro. Don't want things to get so bad that you won't be able to see upcoming beauties like The Last Guardian and Uncharted 3 in their full glory do you?

Blaster_Master3292d ago

that doesn't even have blind fire? Um okay?

Neckbear3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Duh. Although holding it gets you more prescicion and you can deal more damage with simple headshots (Wich, I found out, are extremedly useful to kill enemies fast)

Think about it like if the "Aim" button was more of a Zoom.

byeGollum3292d ago

is how much style its got ... not a lot of developers got style ... its got style.. fun ... and that appealing look to it .. yes i care about these little things ...

im sorry this game doesnt have multiplayer cause it doesnt f*ing need it.. go play COD MOH BC2 and all the endless multiplayer games to choose from

nycredude3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Sorry but sliding around like a fvcking retard isn't style. This is just another adrenaline fueled shooter with just decent graphics. And I am not a fan of having mp in every game but a shooter should have some form of it.

I not buying it because the demo was mighty repetitive and reminded me too much of Lost Planet series with the glowing joints telling me where to shoot.

Besides no one is talking about the story, cause there isn't a good one, which is mandatory in my eyes. That's why I picked up Castlevania and Enslaved instead.

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