Everyone Relax: GT5 Delay Was The First Actual One

Apparently, people are mad at the release date of Gran Turismo 5 being pushed back to “before Christmas”, with some saying that they are tired of the “numerous delays”.

So wait, so numerous release dates were announced before Nov 2nd? Because apparently, no one else saw them come up. Neither is anyone aware of where the anger is coming from.

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Shanks3294d ago

I think it's the second.

PirateThom3294d ago

2nd for Japan, 1st for everywhere else.

That's not why people are annoyed though.

SasanovaS19873294d ago

nerds raging on the internets, awesome

ico923294d ago

im just gonna calm the fuck down, the 1st GT took 5-6 years to make, and is widley considered to be one of the best most/innovative games ever, but still godamn

visualb3293d ago

and people go ape sh!t.

its quite funny tbh =P

Mark My words - by Xmas 2010 I'll have my copy (planning on getting it then anyway)

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steve30x3294d ago

Its the third delay here in Ireland. First It got delayed until the 3rd november , then the 5th of november and now a new delay.

Sackdude3294d ago

The person with the rant article is just a hater, he doesn't even know how to put pics on his site

just look

also the delay s just a few weeks for no big deal.

its a very very small delay.

coolbeans3294d ago

When it comes to official reports:

1 slight delay everywhere

2 total delays in Japan

When it comes to early reports and "release windows":

Not sure if you can count all of them on one hand.

blackburn53294d ago

Just everyone being ignorant as usual. If it was released glitchy and buggy they would be ranting just as much. Everyone will find something to complain about no matter what. Still don't get the numerous delays complaint

coolbeans3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"Still don't get the numerous delays complaint."

It's not so much about the delays themselves (since they're bound to happen sometimes), it's the bad management of time. Anyone unable to meet their predicted schedule, would have his/her business look bad in a certain way. You can't expect a contractor or artitect to give numerous delays and not expect their reputation to be tarished, to a certain degree.

However, Polyphony has only given 1 official worldwide release date for GT5 and the delay's ONLY GOING TO BE A MONTH (or so). It seems like a waste of time to complain about it now. What happened to wondering where it was earlier this gen?

jazzking20013294d ago

i did not know
i thought there were "countless" delays

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