Amazing PSP 2 designs, which one would you want to be real?

Gamersmint : It’s not a secret anymore that the PSP 2 is indeed in development and Sony would be announcing it’s existence anytime soon.

However, the inter-webs are already ripe with concept art for the console coming out every other day. Although most of them are unprofessional pieces, some of them merits a look indeed and a few of them even goes as far as looking really interesting.

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handheldwars3288d ago ShowReplies(7)
Lelouch V Brit3288d ago

"the double analoge one"

All psp's fans must agree this.

f7897903288d ago

I disagree because it's fun to disagree. Do you agree?

Lyr1c3288d ago

Well now you gotta disagree with me agreeing with you >;o

Either way, you're forced to agree with someone ;D

PHOSADRA3288d ago

I'm just thinking about how I could use that keyboard for HOME on the go.....

QSPR3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

sorry dobble post

Dee_913288d ago

yea im liking this one the most

but it doesent look very comfortable
but i can make it work

TheLastGuardian3288d ago

Those were my 2 favorites too. Only problem is they look a little too big. That's my main complaint about the PSP1 other than 1 analogue nub, is that it feels too big in your pocket. Maybe a PSP Go type design but bigger.

I want:
2 analogue nubs
and many other features.

seinfan3288d ago

The 2nd one that looks like a sliding phone is pretty slick. It also seems like that weird pen shaped one would use the OLED tech.

Apone3287d ago

I hope it has 7.1 surround

LoVeRSaMa3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

If Sony made a PSP 2 device with Android 2.2 on it with connectivity to the Sony Ericsson LiveView:

And PS3 Remote Play (Full) PSN (native always running) and Playstation Home..

Not only would I buy one, but id be so happy id probably hang myself afterwards.

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King-Leonidas3288d ago

Dear Playstation,

Can we have something with 2 analog sticks, psp compatibility, PS2 BC, a good resolution display like apple's retina display and we'll be happy.

Thank you,

King Leonidas

kratos1233288d ago

my king you are a genuis hopefully the gods can grant all of our wishes

King-Leonidas3288d ago

It's okay my fellow Spartan. Zeus and Kevin Butler will hear our prayers.

skrug3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

take out retina display and put in oled

MagicAccent3287d ago

I agree.
A keyboard would be awesome, especially for mutliplayer communication.

Also, some games might make use of the WASD + mini usb mouse, which would be a nice additional control scheme.

PopEmUp3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

i like the one with the red background (the small one on the bottom)

xAlmostPro3287d ago

My favourite is number 2 and its been around for ages,

i'd like that one xD

gameraxis3287d ago

1 double analog one... i honestly hope the second design, IS the psp2 lol thats the way to go with this one i think... its such excellent work

gameraxis3287d ago

the second one is so perfect, that screen could enable touch maybe, got enough room for some real horsepower, love the slide out, and if u look at the analog nubs they're actually rounded at the edges so u can grip them well... I HOPE sony see's that and references it HEAVILY

3287d ago
CimmerianDrake3287d ago

I like these two.

I don't like the fact that the Dpad on that one sucks, and there are no analog sticks, but the design looks cool, and it has a camera in the back.

I like the slide out sides, but the analog and dpad/buttons are in the reverse order.

+ Show (8) more repliesLast reply 3287d ago
BiggCMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

i dont see a blue one? which one is blue? this one is my favorite.

moparful993288d ago

Totally agree biggcman... That is a beautiful, elegant, simple design that looks like something sony would make.. Its perfect and I seriously hope this is what the psp2 is like....

hot4play3288d ago

That's my favorite mock-up too.

Although there are 2 major design flaws:

1. The L1, L2, (& presumably R1, R2) buttons are on the side.

2. There is an indentation on the lower part of the device (just bellow the analog sticks) that would be a nightmare for your fingers (hello blisters).

Otherwise, good rendering. Basically a less sleek PSPgo with a bigger screen. ;)

xAlmostPro3287d ago

agreed BiggCMan, they should completely use that idea(with a few tweaks) even find the true creator of that concept and pay him/her :D

Pedantic913288d ago

As long as he dual analog sticks are below the D-pad and Cross-Square-Triangle-Circle buttons and not above.

cyborg3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

the one in the article image isn't all that bad either. AppleSP 2?


dead_eye3288d ago

yeah whats with the ones above i don't get that

3288d ago Replies(4)
shoddy3288d ago

cain't wait to see it.