PS3 Macross Beats Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded in First Week Sales

Andriasang: Here's the Media Create top 20 software sales, covering October 4 through October 10.

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iamtehpwn3287d ago

I'm playing Kingdom Hearts Recoded right now, and it's better than Birth By Sleep or 358 days. I'm totally surprised by how much this game has to offer.

SpoonyRedMage3287d ago

Really? I figured it'd better than 358/2 Days but BBS as well?

I might end up getting it. I was going to skip it originally because it looked like another rehash of KH1 but then I saw all the different play styles.

Army_of_Darkness3287d ago

Macross is still alive?! lol! thats awesome! wish it came to the states though! last time I played macross was on the nes...

3286d ago
iamtehpwn3287d ago

How many of you who disagreed with me have actually played Recoded?
Or much less know enough Japanese to enjoy it.

The story isn't better than Birth By Sleep, but the Gameplay is honestly some of the series best.

-X-3287d ago

one of the reasons why it got third place is that some people are tired that KINGDOM HEARTS GAMES ONLY COME OUT ON PORTABLE SYSTEMS NOWADAYS!!!

jc485733287d ago

I don't think that's true in Japan. I think it's mainly because people have already played Kingdom Hearts "Coded" on their cellphones, so Re Coded is seriously for die hard fans who want the complete package. Portability is very popular in Japan, but I think Japanese gamers are just tired of the constant reiterations of the game. the numbers just prove that most consumers are not that dumb or would rather spend their money on something NEW like Macross. I would definitely hold my wallet for Macross and hold off on re coded for a later time, which is exactly what I'm doing with Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

RememberThe3573287d ago

Bu those are the only systems Square can develop for now days.

BlackTar1873287d ago

all the games come out on portables now. I loved that series but neck issue prevent me from looking at portable screen for for then 10mins at a time. So its totally screwed for me. I used to be so hyped for KH now im like Meh.

Stealth20k3287d ago

pokemon is still crushing everything

Godmars2903287d ago

Is the movie subbed or not?!

Simon_Brezhnev3287d ago

naw not yet i just checked lol

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The story is too old to be commented.