Gamersyde Review: Enslaved

Gamersyde writes: "Many games are hitting shelves at this time of the year and it is difficult to cover them all. As we are a small team, we unfortunately have to choose which titles will get a detailed Gamersyde Review. To start October, we chose the new game from Heavenly Sword’s creators. Follow me inside for the complete review of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West accompanied, for once, by a bunch of videos taken from both versions of the game."

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Dellis3290d ago

This is a great game, think about this for a second.

Mesh together Uncharted Moments, Beyond Good & Evil Combat,
ICO vibe all wrapped up with Heavenly Sword story telling

That's what this is.

Wii360BeatsPS33290d ago

So it's a jumbled mess then.

Silentmerc3nary3290d ago

If you liked the 2008 Prince of Persia Reboot, you will like Enslaved. 'Twas the way for me, at least.

stuntman_mike3290d ago

I liked both too but i think Enslaved is way better than the POP reboot. i would go as far and say its one of the best games ive played this year especially story wise.

Fullmetalevolust3290d ago

the game makes me come back for more. I have to agree with one of the comments, best game I've played based on the story. Sure, the gameplay mechanics are clunky and I find myself frustrated at times as I'm used to smooth sailings when it comes to this type of games. The platforming is fun, although the camera angles could've been arranged a lil' better (full 360?). I find the fighting, while not as diverse as I'd like to be, satisfying. Good acting and engaging story saves this title from being mediocre.

Aleusia3290d ago

I honestly don't care for the overall design of the game or the characters. NT taking over DMC has nothing to do with my negativity.