Konami issues statement on save data corruption in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Konami’s David Cox has released a statement regarding the save data corruption glitch found in the Playstation 3 version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

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djfullshred3289d ago

Yikes. Erasing your game save is about the worst glitch you can have. That can make you go insane if you get far into a very long game.

PrinceOfAnger3289d ago

yes i hate when that happens, hope they fix it.

Milky3289d ago

hope they patch it soon...

lexington3289d ago

I'm sure they'll patch it soon.

36T3289d ago

The Patchstation is at it again! Every week ya'll get a new patch!

KwietStorm3289d ago

You used your 1 bubble to comment on a game for a system you dont own. I dont understand you kids sometimes.

CimmerianDrake3289d ago

Some people don't care about being a troll.

Ryo-Hazuki3289d ago

I got all the way to ch.9 and my data got corrupted. I e-mailed Konami looks like they are going to send me a saved data to chapter 9. I rather just get a patch and ill play it again

Thecraft19893289d ago

thats nice them this happen to me in motorstorm well pissed me off.

well iam not that far only on chapter 5 how many chapters are there and could this happen any time or on a specific chapter ?

ThatArtGuy3289d ago

How's that going to help for trophies? I don't think it'll be useful other than finishing the game.

Vortex3D3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

If you don't like bugs like this, why don't you wait for a few weeks after the game comes out and patched before getting it?

Just about every game released today has some kind of nasty bugs until they are patched. While not everyone encounters the bugs, there's no guarantee that you wouldn't see it. That's the price of rushing to play newly released games immediately. Game publishers know with all the hypes, they can always sell buggy games. It's all about sell now, fix the bugs later.

Anyone don't agree with me, please suggest an idea that works.

Unicron3289d ago

Delay it like Gran Turismo, and you get whiners.

Devs can't win.

Vortex3D3289d ago

There will always be whiners who can't wait and then whiners when the game has bugs.

Which is better? I choose delay the game until it's more polished. Then, the delay becomes a positive experience.

djfullshred3289d ago

Anyone doing business to cater to whiners is not focused on the right customers.

yewles13289d ago

"If you don't like bugs like this, why don't you wait for a few weeks after the game comes out and patched before getting it?"

If people didn't buy it in the first place, then no one would've known about the glitch and nothing would've been done about it. Duh.

Vortex3D3289d ago

Doing good testing before releasing the game is part of the process. But game developers and publishers know there will be plenty of gamers who can't wait to buy the game immediately will be doing the "free" testing to find the bugs. Save them money and time having to do it.

Reality is any gamer who must play the game immediately should expect they will be the ones paying to do the testing. But if you don't want having to deal with the bugs, wait and let the rest of the gamers who can't wait to find the bugs.

Either way, the game publishers are the one that win because they still get to sell you a buggy game early on.

CimmerianDrake3289d ago

Of pre-online consoles, there were NO fixes to an in-game glitch. Sure, games back then generally were released, you know, finished; but many games still had game breaking glitches that you could do nothing about. So I'd say that the option of buying a game with a glitch that CAN be fixed, is preferable to buying a game with a glitch that can't be.

Vortex3D3289d ago

While what you said is true but able to patch games at post release has gone out of control. When the game cannot be patched after release, the game developers and publishers had to try to polish the game the best they can (not saying they never released very buggy games) because if the games have nasty bugs, it will effect the sales forever.

Now, because it's too easy to post patch the games, there isn't much of a reason to try to do good testing before releasing the games. Plus gamers are too used to pay for the shipped game and then be the "beta" tester. Sure gamers can complain about the bugs. So what? The game publishers are still able to sell the game and make the profits for the business quarter.

My point is once the game publishers have an easy way to sell first and fix later, they will use that as an excuse to ship the games. If you ever worked in software development, you will know.

Simple fact, as long gamers are willing to immediately buy buggy games, there is no reason for the game publishers to ensure the game is well polished before shipping.

Jdoki3289d ago

Day 1 patches are disgusting.

It seems more and more common to buy a game on Day 1, only to have to sit through a patch.

Devs must be saving a fortune on QA, because it's not as if games are particularly more sophisticated now.

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The story is too old to be commented.