Sacrificing Gameplay for Storyline

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "While recently replaying Metal Gear Solid 4 I decided, once again, despite the fact that I'd played through it before, that I would sit and watch every single cutscene through to the end, just to remind myself of Snake's final tale. I'm a bit of a sucker for narrative usually, I love a game that can sucker me into the landscape with an engaging storyline. Despite my love of story, I found myself at times becoming gradually annoyed with Metal Gear's extensive cutscenes, sitting there sighing, wondering when on earth this lengthy cutscene would end and I could once again become actually involved in the game..."

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Gandalf3287d ago

Press start and skip cutscene. Apparently too hard for some people.

MrMccormo3287d ago

Yup. When I did speed runs of MGS4, I simply skipped the cutscenes (since they count against your final time).

MerkinMax3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

And I have to say, the story was really cool. I didn't understand many of the references that were made to previous endeavors, but I was still able to understand the main plot of the game. I knew it was a great game when I was playing through the snow missions (Shadow Moses Island I believe) and there were all those flash backs to a previous game. It really made me want to learn about the MGS history. I downloaded the MGS database and began doing my research. It is such an immense universe and I am about to replay through the game again just to see how much more I take from it this time.

rroded3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

still one of the best looking games ever made
teh story while mind blowing was optional so even if you didnt have the brains for it you could just skip it. They even made it work for run n gun if you didnt want ta stealth n still your bitching
your no gamer imo Dan

@homicide train wreck how?
MGS4's story unifies the mgs universe n the ending if you dont get is about the good of the corporation vs the freedom of the individuals. It alludes to religion current science politics n the humane condition. Peels back the veil of time so we can see a glimps of where we might be heading. The man is a visionary to many yet all you can see is a train wreck....


There were no sacrifice what so ever. MG set what we today call stealth action genre, it created stealth gameplay before Tenchu, Splinter Cell, Hitman or Assassin's Creed were even planed.

MGS4 got even more far and combined it's classic stealth gameplay with near perfect Tactical TPS mechanics giving us even more option to achieve objectives.

Just because a game is very story driven it don't have to be crap in gameplay. This non sense sounds like a lame excuse for games with lame or no story and it's gamers fans that don't have the stones to admit they are to stupid to enjoy anything demanding more than hand-eye coordination.

Homicide3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

MGS4 is a narrative trainwreck - bad storytelling and well..bad story in general. Using hours and hours of cutscenes is not good storytelling. Also, most of the cutscenes are too drawn out, vague, filled with repetitive & cheesy dialogue and boring as hell. The story is awful - poorly paced, terribad plot-twists, and lol worthy drama.

Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 2 do a waaaaayyy better job telling its story.

Urmomlol3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Thank God --someone who doesn't have their nose so far up Kojima's ass that they can realize MGS4's storyline is a complete trainwreck.

The cutscenes were monotonous and almost all completely pointless. News flash, Kojima, I don't need a 30 minute sermon about how the nanomachines in my body allow met o use weapons.

The only good story was in MGS and MGS3. MGS2 and MGS4 had embarrassingly bad stories.

I don't know if I would say Uncharted 2 had a BETTER storyline per say, but at least it didn't have me constantly rolling my eyes and mashing buttons to skip cut scenes.

Solidus187-SCMilk3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

but I agree with you on the story of MGS 2.

The story of MGS 2 and the characters were just horrible. I loved the game, but looking back it is just sad. Liquid snakes hand, vamp, fortune, fatman, Raiden, otocon telling you about his stepmom who molested him, and killing numerous metal gears(making them seem like useless crap) made me not like the MGS2 story at all. Especially compared to the story and characters of MGS 1 which were awesome.

Ive only played a little bit of MGS4, but from what I could tell teh story was far better than that of MGS2, so at least the cut scenes are interesting.

jc485733287d ago

I like Uncharted 2, but I don't think it was any better than MGS in terms of storytelling. I think both games suffered along the same lines of cheesiness.

LordMarius3287d ago

for a newbie like myself, they did a terrible job in drawing people into the series with that type of storytelling

kingjoker343287d ago

Every second of every cut scene in MGS4 was meaningful to the overall story of the metal gear universe. I know some of you may not believe this, but kojima is one of the most talented person in the industry.

Homicide3287d ago

So basically, you're saying the monkey drinking a can of soda was relevant to the plot. Same goes for the wedding (I did not buy the romance between Akiba and Meryl, nor did I care), Akiba crapping himself, the forced adverts/videos at the beginning, Sunny cooking eggs, etc.

Transporter473287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

no sense of humor?

akiba crapping himself is there to make you laugh and there is a reason why he is crapping himself but i don't want to spoil it

HeavenlySnipes3286d ago

It like you are completely retarded. MGS4 is my only MGS game and after watching all the cutscenes and finishing the game everything makes sense. Maybe you have Halo syndrome where you skip/ignore the cutscenes and just get back to shooting shit.

Dsnyder3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Eh I may get disagrees for this but the problem MGS4 came across was that it has built up so much unfinished plots from previous games. MGS4 had to end up going out of its way to fill in all the plot mysteries that the last 3 games had left behind. So we end up with a bunch of sub plots within the plot itself. It all got pretty tangled up and confusing but if you payed close attention through the first 3 games, this wouldnt have been a problem. The problem is that most people hadnt touched MGS 1 2 or 3 in years when they picked up the 4th game so they had forgotten most of the intricate plot that was about to come down upon them. I was fortunate enough to have plaed the MGS collection a few weeks before MGS4 came out so I was able to get most of the subtle allusions to past games. But this isnt how it should be. You should not have had to play the first 3 games to really enjoy the fourth. Kojima ultimately crumbled under his own weight with all the story.

xino3287d ago

the story was actually good but too complex! It went overboard and you'll seriously get lost half way if you don't learn to remember plots and names.

The worst part was the ending:/

Spoiler Free: why the villain's whole point was to make the good guy get rid of the tag system.

I mean wtf? if that's the whole point then why can't the villain confess and tell the good guys what he wants instead of the good guys chasing the person everywhere.

The ending was stupid and so similar to GoW 3.

Spoiler Free: whole purpose is to use the device he used before and ended up being for nothing. WTF!?

Transporter473287d ago

bad story? then don't play the story just press skip, and move on, hell i watched every single second of that story and i loved every single cut scene, the pacing for a stealth game was horrible? so i guess it is logical to go in gun everything you see specially when its a tactical espionage game, but you know what you don't like that is fine, but for me it is one of the best games i played this gen hands down

telekineticmantis3287d ago

steroid filled character, Alien hunting, Alien & Predator rip off. But make a deep original story based on what some speculate to be real behind the curtain events in America and through out the world. They shouldn't of made a story that, frag heads couldn't understand. But those with intellect, love the story... to each his own

kaveti66163287d ago

I understood the story just fine.

You shouldn't automatically assume that people who don't like the story are just too dumb to understand it.

Maybe the story isn't all that great, or maybe the execution of the story was a little poor.

I did feel like the main focus of the game was to watch the cutscenes, and the gameplay parts were just there to fill the void between cutscenes.

Not a bad game. As a game, it's probably a masterpiece. As a film, it would probably suck.

Kos-Mos3287d ago

You guys should just go out in the forest and die, so the rest of the world won`t be polluted by your poisonous anti-facts.

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DynDasE3287d ago

Not gameplay , it's the production cost.

ArcFatalix3287d ago

its not for everyone, I love kojima due to that. He didnt nerf the game to make newbies like it, its just as we like. Its a perfect 10 for us.

Urmomlol3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago ) other words, anyone who WASN'T drinking Kojima's Kool Aid realizes what a wreck MGS4's storyline was?

That's really what it boils down to. If you think MGS4's storyline wasn't complete crap, you're also one of those hardcore fanboys who think Kojima can't do any wrong, even though MGS' storyline has been absurdly bad ever since MGS2.

You can call him a genius or a visionary or whatever, but the bottom line is that the MGS storyline after the original is so unnecessarily convoluted by a guy who seriously needs to hire an editor to cut out all the superfluous (or pointless) crap from an otherwise interesting premise.

Troll_Police3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

How can you say the story was a train wreck? It successfully tied in ALL Metal Gear games. Anyone who thinks the story in MGS4 is a train wreck obviously didn't play all of the other Metal Gear games.


You've never played through MGS4 if you think there's only 4 hours of gameplay.

Homicide3287d ago

I played all the games including Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and I thought the story for MGS4 and MGS2 were awful. All the answers/revelations in this game were awful.


Nanomachines = answer to nearly everything


And this "game" has a terrible gameplay to cutscene ratio. There's 9 hours of cutscenes compared to 4 hours of gameplay.

Galaxia3287d ago

@Troll_Police. There is nothing good about tying all the Metal Gears to MGS4. That;s terrible fan service that not only ruined MGS4 for me, but also ruined MGS1/2/3 by associating them with it, and by introducing stupid retcons and changing the previous history and characters even.

I was a huge Metal Gear fan until MGS4, but now I'm not even exited about Peace Walker and haven't bothered to play it yet because anything cool the series ever had was ruined by MGS4's stupid nanomacines explanation and retconning the hell out of everything in the series history.

Transporter473287d ago

Nanomachines = answer to nearly everything, yeah they explain the metal gears, they explain the clones, they explain the cold war, they explain every single villain in the game, they answer everything i think not...

HDgamer3287d ago

360 fans are mad because mgs4 wasn't ported like they wanted. But MGS4 has a good storyline along with excellent gameplay. For those claiming it has 4 hours of gameplay, even through skipping the cutscenes you are guaranteed a 15 hour campaign. You better prove the game actually has 4 hours of gameplay like MW2, wait you loved MW2 with it's generic story mode/gameplay. Speed runs aren't the same either.

Apotheosize3287d ago

If you complain about Metal Gear Solids cutscnes and heavy emphasis on story then youre playing the wrong game

crzyjackbauer3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

i love MGS since MGS1
but MGS4 took it too far
i loved it but there was just too much cutscenes
MGS3 was the best
it had a balance between cutscenes and gameplay

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