Kalypso Goes Medieval

Taking you back to a time when dungeons were waiting to be explored.

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athmaus3290d ago

Hmm very intesting...thx for the update :)

ATi_Elite3290d ago

"No Looting dead bodies" "you can only get items from a chest" Ah come on.

We're not done with you by a long shot Zed, we're gonna get medieval on yo ass.

But we're not gonna loot your dead body for goodies but the Gimp should have a treat for us every time we wake him.

barefootgamer3290d ago

Got to see a bit of The First Templar at E3. Looked interesting.

alee3290d ago

Both games sound good. Dungeons seems to have an interesting change of perspective.

Caspel3290d ago

More interested in Dungeons even though it's a stolen premise.

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