Gran Turismo 5 Delay: Sorry Doesn't Cut It

StrengthGamer: "Something needs to be done about this blatant disrespect for us gamers. I'm so sick of having the golden carrot hanging in front of my face, only to never be able to catch it. Sorry doesn't cut it in this situation, and I hope that I'm not the only one that feels this way."

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Lovable3700d ago

This is indeed ridiculous. I feel bad for those people who cannot wait to play this.

BlueTroll3700d ago

cancelled my preorder- I'm over it.

Joule3700d ago

That is the dumbest move you could make.

Red_Orange_Juice3700d ago

To be honest I feel spit in the face, and I'm a strong Sony supporter, this is BULL..

visualb3700d ago

they are writing a letter right now apologizing to you hoping you will preorder it again, your purchase truly matters to them

/s =P

ExplosionSauce3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Why are people that don't have a PS3 or care for GT5 complaining about the delay?
And how can they cancel a non-existing pre-order?

Vlaitor3700d ago

I mean, it's delayed AGAIN. Big deal, like if you don't have enough stuff to do. I still have my preorder on this game and will keep it as long as it takes. Sure I am a little pissed because it might be pushed to the 30th century but who cares. A lot of awesome game are coming out and it just give us a little more time to enjoy them properly because we all know that when GT5 will come out EVERY OTHER GAME will be buried and forgot.

Comon guys it's just a matters of weeks now. Don't be pussies.

Unless your a graphic whore.

3700d ago
ChineseDemocracy3700d ago

I'm a little bit pissed, but whatever, I have midterms.

BabyTownFrolics3700d ago

i have a ps3, i have GT5 preordered, and I am complaining as I would complain about any game announced 5 years ago being delayed this much.

and so would most you if this game were on another console.

For once lets just call it like it is and stop defending PD and Sony on this one.

karl3700d ago

GT5 was only delayed twice dude...

people grow up... we all sad but to demand anything is stupid....

they dont old us anything.. its they who spend years and years of development.. we just have fun with their product.. if u dont like it dont buy it... i know i will buy it even if its out next year...
and enjoy the hell out of it... well now we should forget about GT5 until the next release date is announced

raztad3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

It is very annoying and sad for those eagerly awaiting GT5 but it has to be a good reason for this delay. Sony first and foremost is the interested in getting GT5 on the streets. As a responsible company they care about quality, lets only hope the release date is as close as possible.

Side comment: Look at the x-trolls having a party. LMAO. People w/o PS3 "cancelling preorders". NVM, have fun with the delay.

-Alpha3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

It may have only been delayed twice, but the constant hope and the carrot-on-a-stick tactics that Sony has done since the PS3 launched was something they should not have done. I know that there was a lack of familiar IPs at the PS3's launch but GT5 shouldn't have been teased for so long. Sony has an issue with announcing games too early

They've literally spent the entire time of the PS3 holding GT5 in front of us and I think GT fans have a right to be upset. It's a one month delay but it makes one wonder why another delay and why one month? What could possibly be the reason? Can't be marketing reasons, GT5 has no real competition. It's not like there are other major racing games competing with its release. Must be technical issues, because I don't think Sony intends to piss off its fans otherwise.

I know a general line of logic for GT5 has been "the longer it's been in development the better the end result will be" but I fear that there may be issues.

Once the game releases expectations of perfection will be so high that any flaws may be seen as signs of poor time management.

Seeing the road bugs in the latest build for example was upsetting to see. It shouldn't happen with a game like this. Take Uncharted 2. It was in development much shorter yet the game is polished to hell.

I'm not meaning to rag on GT5, but I do worry why these delays and why the game in general has been put off so much.

Maybe, just maybe there is one big surprise and that's the reason for the delay.

nycredude3700d ago

I am just as pissed off as everyone else but what are you going do? Bitch and moan about it? Just suck it up and wait.

-Alpha3700d ago


Yeah, that's all you can really do.

These amateur websites are having a field day though, as they finally have something new to report on

phatak3700d ago

I bet u didnt. every1 says that but no 1 does it

Aquarius3700d ago

889 years into the future

almost a millennium :P

UnwanteDreamz3700d ago

I am more than pissed but canceling my preorder accomplishes what? If you are so hyped for this game that you already preordered then why deny yourself when it does "FINALLY" release?

Sh*t I already put in a time off request for the 3rd 4th and 5th of November. Now I will be sitting at home with my new Logitec G27 and no GT5.

Trebius3700d ago

Could even be delayed less than a month, no one knows.

Act like adults and be patient.

We're getting the best racing sim EVER, it's going to be incredible.

It's going to be literally, the best Racing game for the next like 3 years at least.

The wait is worth it.

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Hades13373700d ago

The worst thing is that they haven't confirmed a new date, they're just leaving gamers in the lurch. Pretty bad customer service for what is many people's most anticipated game of the year.

jonnyp7773700d ago

In my Wal-Mart preorder email, it said it would start shipping on Nov. 16, but that I wouldn't get it until about the 29th :/ So it seems like it's only a two week delay for some reason.


Funny thing is some people complaining about the delay, even when they don't have a PS3 or have a PS3 but they don't even plan to buy the game.

visualb3700d ago

people are happy about a game delay...shows how little is going on in their life

ElementX3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Funny, same could be said about the hate towards MS, the 360, and Kinect. Most haters don't own a 360 or plan on buying Kinect.

Blacktric3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Very well said indeed ElementX. Instead of trying to fun with whatever console they have, most of the gamers here just desperately trying to prove that they did the right choice by buying the console they currently own. I love my Xbox 360 and I seriously don't care about Live's price bump. I was going to buy Dead Space Ignition from PSN store but didn't buy it since its price was higher then the one in US store. We are all living in different parts of the world and each console has their own pros and cons differently for each of us. So stop being so miserable and enjoy both of their awesome games.

Red_Orange_Juice3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

welcome to n4g, OMG you want a Nobel prize or sth? you registered 244 days ago, and this happen everyday, do you laught every day cos of the fame thing? I couldn't find funny same thing everyday, it becomes boring, disgusing and unbearable with time, but not constantly funny or did you just found out?

UnwanteDreamz3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

"Funny, same could be said about the hate towards MS, the 360, and Kinect."

Seriously no one gives a flying f*ck about Kinect. Lets say it got delayed. What would you be missing out on? I really wish you people could stop mentioning Kinect in articles that is has nothing to do with.

SaberEdge3700d ago

I think it is funny that people think they know what console or consoles other people own.

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number473700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Knows that Delays happen to this franchise. You wouldn't be a GT fan if you didn't know this. They are the only developer that can do this, then sell 4.5 million copies of their games demo.

While severely pissed off, it aint like I'm missing out on this game when it lands. Just annoyed that they announced a date. Why bother getting people excited just to let them down? I wish PD would just release and patch, but its probably a work ethic thing.

Massive lol's @ "CANCELING PREORDER" Please. Theres nothing on the market that compares to what GT has to offer. Its not a case of take it or leave it -- if you're a car game/enthusiast.

kaveti66163700d ago

50 million+ plus fanbase?

Where'd you pull that out of?

Just because the combined sales of the GT series is 50+ million doesn't mean there are 50 million individuals who buy GT games.

More like 10 or 15 million people who buy GT games.

And who cares about a one month delay? Gears got delayed 5 months? Big fucking deal. There are so many games coming out. People act like they have nothing else left in the world.

Crazyglues3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

pretty much said everything i was thinking, the problem is I'm pissed at this stupid delay, again and again... -He we go again.

The dam thing has been delayed twice since last year, I should know because I got a 5 buck credit each time it got delayed from

I mean come on' a whole year later and you still can't get the game out on the release date that you set. Really? Come on' WTF...

I'm too upset for words... but like Numbe47 said what can we really do, canceling is not an option, I mean don't get me wrong I want to, I want to tell them what they can do with their game and their stupid delays...

-But "CANCELING THE PREORDER" I just can't do it, you are a much stronger gamer then me if you did, I think I would have a better chance of cutting off my own arm..

I am a Gamer and I have a problem, I Love games -yes admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery.. Sadly I don't know what the second step is, maybe that's why I have never been cured.

I think personally coming out after Black -Ops is a mistake, everyone and their moms will be playing that game in Nov.. and if it's any good that game will make a lot of gamers put off getting anything else.. so if they would have stayed on track it would have been better for them, now they are directly in the cross-hairs...


number473700d ago

God knows what would happen if people visiting N4G thought 50 million copies = 50 million people. So many were confused.50 million copies = 50 million games that were sold to people = people that buy GT = people that know PD delays and delays stuff.

Thanks for the help!!!!!


kaveti66163700d ago

as if you wouldn't be quick to point out that halo's fanbase isn't 30+ million when MS said it was.

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iPad3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

lol you guys act like little girls.

omg!!! it got delayed!!! i hate my life! im not gonna buy it anymore!! lol.

chill, there's hundreds and hundreds of games out there to keep you company.

Moentjers3700d ago

we got 4 days off in november, could have been GT5-weekend.

Looks in his drawer: Bioshock 2, Mass Effect (PC).
that should do it !

Moentjers3700d ago


In november, december, it's dark around 5pm, mostly icecold and raining so... staying inside is a good option.

bustamove3700d ago

I agree. I have more than enough games to tide me over until it comes.

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Syronicus3700d ago

And I have been waiting for Diablo 3 for yeas and Half Life 2 episode 3 forever and feel so disrespected!


Get over it and quit with the entitlement behavior.

militant073700d ago

its different with half life 2 episode 3 because it never announced.

tanman7773700d ago

Diablo 3 has never had a release date, so it was never delayed.

thor3700d ago

Yeah bad comparison. Diablo 3 hasn't even been in development for that long. And there's been no release date announced. HL2:Ep3 ditto (though slightly long dev time for an episoidic game...)

Megaton3700d ago

I also feel bad for the GT fans. They've had to put up with a lot from PD and Sony. The game looks like it'll be worth the wait, but still. No excuses.

blahblah3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

xbox fans want to be pissed for something they don't care about. i'm willing to excuse any delay without a problem and don't know any ps3 fan being pissed. most everyone prefers quality over exact date. there is enough other games to spend additional month and... there is also a real life.

i wasn't even interested in GT5 until I saw rain and gokart. but, better polished product than product that needs update on release date.

this delay bitching is kinda like CoD players who tend to screw every decent multiplayer every time some decent game with multiplayer shows. if something is different they bitch how they want it to be as CoD. if it is too realistic, they want unreal shit like CoD, if it is too hard, they want it easier. since there is a mass of requests developers tend to listen. problem there wuith this logic is that no matter how they tweak it will never be CoD, so these people leave very soon and core player get screwed with half assed multiplayer. and game completely loses fanbase.

Gam3s4lif33700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

As a xbox and pc owner....i want this to come out and play it

thorstein3700d ago

are we indignant for not getting what we never had.

ico923700d ago

it hurts me to say this but im starting to lose interest in this game, and its really starting to piss me off didn't Polyphony Digital say last year that the game was 90% done ? SO WHAT THE FU*K HAVE THEY BEEN DOING FOR A YEAR? this is getting ridiculous,there have been more previews, screenshots, gameplay vids, and articles on GT5 than any other game on pre release in gaming history, to the point where all i care about is playing the fu*kin game, if GT5 is delayed to 2011 i am NOT buying it.

thor3700d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again -

PD have their priorities mixed up. Nobody CARES that the exhaust pipe is positioned to within a millimetre of where it is in the real car. They care that the game is released and is fun and reasonably realistic. They care that the game is relatively glitch-free. PD should have been working on ALL aspects of the game and not just spending excessive amounts of time on car detail.

Alcohog3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Its the game's first delay, and it isn't going to be 1.5 months at the most. LOL oh noes!

Persistantthug3700d ago

Why's that a big freakin deal?

FrigidDARKNESS3700d ago

that would be a disaster releasing the game on black friday.

Persistantthug3699d ago

What's wrong with that?

There are lots of products that launch during the week of Black Friday.

mastiffchild3700d ago

Have we been given any reason for the delay? Thing is, I know how daft little things can cause small delays to big projects. I can think of both games AND films that have fallen foul of simple things like soundtracks tripping them up. You only need one uncleared track to not be fully agreed over(royalties or even an LBP scenario)and you're in court or in negotiations with the record company/artist or whoever. One I recall was when the dev/director hadn't realised a song they were using was actually a cover version and nobody had spoken to the people who actually wrote the music/song in the first place-that held things up a couple of weeks for the project I'm thinking of and when you consider the amount of outside varuiables in a game full of music AND licensed stuff like GT5 then a little last minute delay doesn't seem so shocking.

The bad thing is that it's so last minute people have got time off work etc and that makes Sony/PD seem a little unprofessional-a little explanation would go a long way, though, with people who are clearly fans of the series and so far we hear nothing. Thing is, if this was a big delay you'd think we'd have heard sooner and I imagine it's a legal loophole over soundtracks or licenses holding us up this time-so we should be fine for a pre Xmas release and all this will be forgotten. Sony/;PD should be putting some effort into putting minds at ease, however, and that's where this is a little shabby. Other games this generation have been a lot more badly delayed, a lot more frequently delayed AND by studios who didn't get other things out in the meantime(PD had Concept, Prologue and GTPSP out during this period on top of GT5 production), though, so why we're being so hard on PD, known for being anal, is a little beyond me. Think about PC gamers who waited five years for AW just to be told it wasn't coming because the couch is where survival horror games belong!!

I'm just saying that even if this is a pain, it won't be long and there have been games and devs that treated us a lot worse recently that didn't get the stick PD are doing.

EvilBlackCat3700d ago

"Something needs to be done about this blatant disrespect for us gamers. I'm so sick of having the golden carrot hanging in front of my face, only to never be able to catch it. Sorry doesn't cut it in this situation, and I hope that I'm not the only one that feels this way."


Come on people for god sake is a damn video game!

INehalemEXI3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Put the latest demo on PSN and I will forgive the lil delay. Well im not holding a grudge anyway but would like the demo :D

tinybigman3700d ago

oh please because they wanna make sure everything is just right people bitch. how about bitching when certain games have the glitchiest and hackfest online play.

people were ok with Too Human 10 yr development odyssey, they were also ok with Alan Wake's 5 yr plus development cycle. hypocrites i tell ya hypocrites.

it amazes me how everyone is up in arms over this like its the fing end of the world. get over yourselves.

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IRetrouk3700d ago

its only a couple of weeks, jeez, its not as much of a big deal as people are making out. i could understand if it was months, but weeks? people need to catch a grip.

BlueTroll3700d ago

it was a couple of weeks in March... and they haven't given a date yet.

IRetrouk3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

march was japan only, every gt fan knows that. and in the statment given for the europeans they said it would get released before christmas, heres the link http://www.computerandvideo...

redDevil873700d ago

The game was only scheduled for release in March in Japan, not here in the west.

despair3700d ago

it was never scheduled to release in march in Japan, that was an estimated date, November 2nd/5th was firm release date so its not going to be a long wait, they already said it will be released by holiday season so latest probably early December, my guess is they found some glitches that needs fixing.

mastiffchild3700d ago

Or some tracks on the soundtrack that weren't legally cleared in terms of royalties across different regions-like how bands have a different label in the US and EU sometimes. It6y's easy for one or two to slip through and need sorting out. Thyne think about the Islam/LBP song issue-there's a lot of little things and with GT5 relying on so many licenses who knows what might hold the game up legally-without last minute tech bugs and glitches.

Didn't they have some legal/license issues over the karting already? Something as simple as team liveries can hold up a game and GT5 is pretty vast so I'm not in too much shock here. Simpler games to get to pass legal muster than GT5 have had bigger delays than this has.

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BlueTroll3700d ago

I KNOW it was in Japan. Regardless, it's been delayed since March. We live in a world where you can get games shipped overseas to you btw. Which is what I was planning on doing, until it got delayed. Since MARCH

IRetrouk3700d ago

loads of high profile games get delayed, why is gt such a big problem, they are making the biggest racing game ever put on a disk and people like you are moaning about it, moan all you want but it is what it is, get over it.

3700d ago
Si-Fly3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

@buying1999 great, online will be so much better without whiny kids like you. Now put your toys back in the pram before mummy smacks your bottom.

CernaML3700d ago

@buying1999 - lol @ your XBL Profile description.

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lexington3700d ago ShowReplies(1)
alphakennybody3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Sony be be very afraid this site is right, who am kidding the author tries too hard. Funny how this is the first delay outside japan and even its not that long of a delay and certain people make it like its the end for Sony and PD.

Fishy Fingers3700d ago

I've been waiting on GT for a long time, its one of the few console games I really long for, but it's been delayed for a month, big deal. I'll play Black Ops.

It's not the only game in the world. The internet just loves to whine.

36T3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I agree with you but i must say, GT5 better be perfect or the press is going to go wild.

I'm sure i remember PD telling us the game was finished last year and they could release it at any time. Wtf happened? Playstation happened! HA! Sorry, i couldn't help myself.