At Home with The Big Pixels

The Big Pixels crew find themselves in the world of The Sims 3, with a curious addition to the "family". How will Keri, Pete, Jeff and Mike cope with Evil Jeff?

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angryjedi3291d ago

...if I ever meet your evil twin in reality, remind me to make him wash his hand before I shake it.

RogueCheddar3291d ago

and a connoisseur of fine furnitures. just like in real life

ShadowPraxis3291d ago

Why are we always so fascinated with doing these kind of bizarre reality tv-style sandboxes with our virtual selves? It's so weird. When the first Sims came out, one of the first things my now-ex did was make our house and versions of the two of us and our roommate at the time.

Sometimes real life just isn't enough, I guess... :)

angryjedi3291d ago

I don't know. Perhaps it's to do with wish fulfilment, that sort of thing. Seeing a different life.

Or perhaps it's a "fame" thing. People like to see themselves in a game. How many times have you used a character creator to make a character that looked like you? I've certainly done it quite a lot in the past, though I've found in recent years I tend to gravitate more towards red-headed female protagonists, given the option, which probably says something about me.

Mostly it's a fun way to engage with friends, I guess. "Look, you're in a game!" "Awesome!"

aubradley3291d ago

This is perhaps the most awesome thing in the history of awesome things. I can't wait for the next installment. There will be more right? PLEASE GOD LET THERE BE MORE!!!

angryjedi3291d ago

Given popular opinion, Brad, yes there will be more. :)