Sony PSP2 Price vs. The 3DS, Any guesses?

The rivalry between the Nintendo 3DS and PSP2 has been soaring high now with the Nintendo announcing the cost of the Nintendo 3DS. Both the handheld devices are expected to be released next year, Nintendo 3DS rumored to be released on March 2011 and Sony PSP2 by the last quarter of the 2011. But, there are rumors that Sony might surprise all by releasing the PSP2 ahead or few weeks after Nintendo 3DS release.

The price of the Nintendo 3Ds is USD $250, but one might think it is USD $50 more than what we all expected. The price though is reasonable and will be shadowing the few competitive advantages that Sony PSP2 had up on its sleeves. Sony is regarded as...

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MrMccormo3291d ago

Y'know, I wonder if the PSP2 will actually be LESS expensive than the 3DS at launch. That would be quite the plot twist. Nintendo has never had a major handheld launch at a LOWER price than their own handheld, iirc.

nickjkl3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i can assure you psp2 will be less than the ps3 expect 299.98
and more than the psp

SuperStrokey11233291d ago

In all honesty i expect price parity with the 3DS prict but a more defined system (by that i mean a more developed online system) that wont be sold at a profit like Nintendo's 3DS is. It may even be sold at a loss but that depends more in piracy than anything else imo.

ABizzel13291d ago

We can't really tell what it's going to cost until we get actual details on what's all going into it. Sony would be smart to make their handheld cheaper than the 3DS. The Xbox 360 is priced at $199, and if they could make a PSP2/PSPhone with hardware specs close to the 360 then it should be able to launch at a $199 price in 2011.

But I doubt that's going to happen, I believe the PSP2/PSPhone will be almost if not as powerful as the 360 and PS3 like the PSP was to he PS2, but unfortunately I feel it's going to be $299.

Shang-Long3291d ago

im beating on a 250 vs 250 price for each

ryuzu3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

At first I thought Ninty were going for their price point since the hardware was so expensive they were barely making a profit thus explaining why it's a seemingly high price.

However, the specs are becoming known and the 3DS is about as powerful as a 1st Gen iPhone/iPod Touch 2G which suggests that Ninty are perhaps pumping their price a bit - certainly I'm struggling to see where the high price for the 3DS is coming from in terms of hardware.

Sony generally looks to push the hardware specs and will slice their price point for hardware in exchange for software revenues - I think they might try and get close to Ninty but not less. However, I suspect the PSP2 whatever it is will turn out to be better value overall than the 3DS, even though it may lank the psuedo 3D novelty factor.


HolyOrangeCows3291d ago

Yep, let's debate over price of an unannounced piece of hardware vs a system with unannounced non-Japanese prices.

3291d ago
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Dylantalon13291d ago

3ds will cost 250, and psp will cost 300.

TheLastGuardian3291d ago

I would be happy to buy the PSP2 for $300 as long as it has tons of awesome features like 2 analogue nubs, 3D, HD, a killer launch line up and many other features.

Rai3291d ago

I thought they already announced the price for the 3DS it was 300

qface643291d ago

that's the japanese price

IrishYamato3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I'd say that they'll always be around the same price, even when they've both been out for years.
Personally, i cant wait for Sony to announce the PSP2. Nintendo fans will have the 3DS, Sony fans will have the PSP2, Microsoft fans will have the WP7, Apple fans will have the Iphone. Everyone will have awesome handhelds.

rezzah3291d ago

PSP was at 300 the Go went up to 250 so Im pretty sure with better tech it may go back up to 300.

TheLastGuardian3291d ago

What do you mean the PSP was at 300? I bought it day 1 for $250.

skrug3291d ago

in Canada it was 299.99 + tax and with a game + tax = $40x.xx

but i think he made a typo. '3' for a '2'

rezzah3291d ago

You could be right, um I bought mine with a game and the price was a bit over 300 or around there. I cant rememebr its been like 5 years now.

Rai3291d ago

for some weird reason I think sony will shoot themselves in the foot by doing what they did with the ps3...with a 32gb model going for 300 and a 16gb model for 250...

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