Dead Rising 2 Cheat System Offers Everything Needed to Brutalise Zombies

Xploder solves two important problems. Firstly it makes the cheating experience virtually seamless for the user, with full access to the database and no nonsense easy to use program. Secondly Xploder now works with your own USB memory stick or USB hard drive and provides the Xploder "re-signer" engine which allows gamesaves to work with your Xbox 360 profile. You simply can’t do that by “just” downloading a gamesave from the Internet.

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mjolliffe3288d ago

Long time since I used cheats. Think the last title was Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories!

BubbleSystemSuck3287d ago

all open worlds need a FreePlay mode... or "sand box" to do what you want.

LightSamus3287d ago

This is news how exactly? Just seems like an advert.

BiggCMan3287d ago

its a shame that things like these even need to exist, simply because developers do not put cheats in their games anymore just for the fun of it. rockstar did pretty well with the cheats in gta4 and red dead redemption. they block trophies/achievements, which is perfectly fine. but not many games have cheats anymore. they used to be so much fun, i would use cheats pretty often, once i beat a game. if people wanna use cheats before they beat a game, so what? im sure many people did last gen. theres nothing wrong with it, its simply fun. but now developers dont put cheats, or master codes etc.. THEY MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT, AND RENAME IT DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT.

Excalibur3287d ago

I'd prefer to play and beat my games on my own.

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