R.I.P PSJailbreak? Every PS3 game from now on will require firmware v3.50

Maxconsole Writes: "Further analysis claims that this is the start of things to come. It is indicated that all games released from NOW ON will not be playable on PS3's without the latest firmware. Moreover, a group of 'experts' claim it is near impossible for hackers to retro-hack titles so that they can be comaptible with Jailbreaking devices."

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MrMccormo3288d ago

Good. Keep the pirates and game hackers off the PS3.

-Alpha3288d ago

Nothing is stopping them from hacking it again, and they could always buy older PS3s -_-

But yes, good to see Sony put a cap on it

nickjkl3288d ago

wasnt a hack in the first place it was a back up utility

raztad3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

"Nothing is stopping them from hacking it again"

Actually that is wrong. The PS3 hasnt been "hacked" yet.

This probably is a very sad moment for maxconsole. Eurogamer has a small article stating the security code used for encrypting PS3 games was changed. So even if you have a 3.41 jailbreaked the game wont run at all.

I find this development rather unsurprising and very expected. Many (including me) were saying this back in the days when the PS3 "hack" was announced and some people around here were having a huge party over it.


The article form EUROGAMER

Red_Orange_Juice3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

So haven't pirates figure out how to disable this fw check yet?
I've read it's a no brainer, the smallest problem, the day MoH fw news hit in the comments on ps3news/hax/whatever. LOL

JokesOnYou3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I couldn't tell from the article but is this patch required for online gameplay only? I would think so considering there is a small minority group of gamers who do not have internet access at home although they obviously still buy new games. Now if the game will come with a disc-based firmware update then whats to stop hackers from exploiting that too?


inveni03288d ago

ANY game can state that it requires v3.xx or higher to operate right on the back of the box. So, people purchasing wouldn't be able to buy it without upgrading. Since they can upgrade via flash drive (or for $30 at Best Buy), then it's not really an issue unless they're just lazy.

Biggest3288d ago

Most of the games that require a firmware update should have the update included on the disk.

Heartnet3288d ago

Hack it then dont tell the bloody internet about it lol :) thats how they get found out xD

inveni03288d ago

I totally agree. But this just proves that the hack is more for being able to say, "Look what I can do," than, "FREE GAMEZ!"

n4f3288d ago

well i do see ur point and i agree but sometime its not the hackers that tell the whole its the word of mouth !

badz1493288d ago

"Now if the game will come with a disc-based firmware update then whats to stop hackers from exploiting that too?"

the thing is, no one has ever hacked the PS3 let alone the FW! if anybody has done it, we should have seen CFW all over the internet! CFW can't be made unless the official FW itself is dumped and modified but that is yet to happen! the JB is practically just a debug switch, nothing more! I have no doubt that there are a lot of hackers out there trying to bypass 3.42 but none work just yet but Sony is already at 3.50. it's been like what, a month? oh well, what can you expect from exploit based on stolen codes, right? good luck to them regardless while others will be playing new games!

frostypants3287d ago

"wasnt a hack in the first place it was a back up utility "

Uh huh...

sikbeta3287d ago

Isn't this OLD news? we all knew this was going to happen....

PS3 FTW!!!

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tacosRcool3288d ago

Hackers like to ruin everything

BrianC62343288d ago

They got the other OS feature taken off the PS3. They should all be thrown in prison is how I see them. They are nothing but criminals trying to ruin everything for their own greed.

Eamon3288d ago

I'm loving the irony in your comment.

n4f3288d ago

is that sarcasm?(my /sradar is disable!)

frostypants3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Businesses have a RIGHT to be greedy. If you don't like their terms, don't buy their stuff.

It does not justify piracy (aka theft). Sorry, kiddies, you don't have a "right" to have whatever you want or to decide how much it's worth. Don't like the price? Then STFU and don't buy it.

I think iPads are overpriced but I don't walk into Best Buy and steal one and try to use that as my defense. Same thing.

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Lelouch V Brit3288d ago

Sony will kick hackers' asses.

Chucky20033288d ago

what a naive child you are,this is just a small bump in the road,since the day that PS3 got officially hacked nothing will stop pirates anymore

Biggest3288d ago

Which day was that again? I have yet to see a hacked PS3. I did hear about a backup utility stolen from Sony though.

bub163288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

The ps3 has been hacked. jailbreak gave the ps3 the ability to run unsigned code such as homebrew apps ( which lead on to custom firmware ) its just the beginning

rdgneoz33288d ago

@bub16 Which lead on to custom firmware? Its been how long and there is no custom firmware at all. "Its just the beginning" Yah, enjoy playing old games you can get for under $30, all the new games require the new firmware.

bub163287d ago

@rdgneoz3 there is already a custom firmware loader...

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ForceCSW3288d ago

I was playing MAG like five minutes ago and I swear this one guy was modding. We couldn't vote to kick him or block him and he always got a vote on the squad leader. I don't know if this has anything to do with this but it was odd.

PS360fanboy3288d ago

They can also update the PS Jailbreak firmware and make it available for download, I guess.

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jay23288d ago

it's making me LOL big time that all these hackers went and did their own things, and yet if they're to stand any chance they ashould have all teamed up on day one and made a CFW or something.

Baka-akaB3288d ago

well that's what happens when current hackers do it for their own personal glory , rather than the "for everyone" type of pseudo anarchists motto those of the past had .

MrMccormo3288d ago

The firmware update can easily be included on the disc.

despair3288d ago

that would be smart, few people I know come to me for firmware updates because they don't have net, hell they wouldn't even know about the updates if I didn't tell them.

shoddy3288d ago

you will stuck with 2010 older games for ever.

sashimi3288d ago

old games are 30 and less. Not worth it to jailbreak just for that.

shoddy3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

It has so much values.
you might break it.

Raoh3288d ago

GT5 delay due to this maybe?


Did you read why they delayed GT5?

Let me quote the statement:
''Creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.''

They are polishing more the game.

Eu3288d ago

Certainly killing the last few bugs and adding something more here and there...those nice little touches the fans will hunt for and the haters would brag about if they ever managed to see it.
GT5 will be something from another world quality wise.

PJF_Josh3288d ago

Because there's never any PR spin involved when a game is delayed.

Sony, like MS and Nintendo would come right out and tell you:
"Our biggest game of the holiday season is being delayed so we can go back and add a Firmware Update right on the disc. That way we can stop pirates and their USB hack that's been in the news so much these past few weeks. Not that we want to call attention to the pirates and their hacking of the PS3, just that we wanted you to know why we're delaying the game, because we like to be completely open and honest when sending out press releases... like all companies."

Proxy3287d ago

Everyone knows the difference between a mediocre game and utmost perfection is 3 days.

NYC_Gamer3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

this wont stop the hackers...they'll find away around this and everyone deep inside knows that

Eu3288d ago

Sony will make mandatory in all games (looks like it already did). In the end its an arms race, with the hackers/pirates running to catch up (strange, since it has been always the contrary...).

CantHaveOpinionsHere3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

piracy will happen and there's no stopping it. Sure sony can put a speedbump in there to slow things down but it's not an absolute fix. And yes they know it.

edit (inspired by eu): come up with a different special type of storage that could only be read and fitted by it's console is the best fix

Joostin3288d ago

It won't be happening. All they did was steal the USB Dongle used at Repair facilities. It is a Sony proprietary device. Not a single bit of hacking has been done. Sure some homebrew has been created since, but all they did was turn PS3's to dev units. If they couldn't hack before, they can't hack after. This will put them back to square one.

CantHaveOpinionsHere3288d ago

fair enough. I learned something. This 'just' is important enough for sony to do all this tho.

pinkyxyz3288d ago

it took them 4 years just to find this exploit, and since they actually redid the coding all together, its gonna take them at least 4 more. by then we should have out ps4 on it ways to stores around the world

EskiJoe3288d ago

I actually think by the time a hack is presented it might be irrelevant. And I'm only talking about software hacks, I think the weak point of the PS3 is by modding it (somehow).

Because if you read IBM paper on Cell B.E security architecture, you'll see they themselves say that they were more worried about software hacking because that would be more devastating and wide spread than a mod hack.

"Although, the Cell BE processor does have defenses against physical attacks, the architecture's main focus is software-based attacks."


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