"Homefront may just be the next step in online FPS gameplay"

@XG247: We recently got hands on with a Pre-Alpha build of Homefront's multiplayer modes. We truly believe that this is something special and could even become the next step in online FPS gameplay. This is a game to look out forward to!

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Fantaman3290d ago

Homefront is starting to sound very promising indeed, lets hope they can deliver on this BattlePoints system you mention

dragonelite3289d ago

32 players and dedicated server on consoles deserve my money need to support more devs using dedicated servers.

HeavenlySnipes3289d ago

I need buckleys or something...

SpitFireAce853289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Games like COD with millions of fans run on those
crappy pear to pear networks where you lag most
of the time yet people shower the publisher
Activison with money on every installment of a 1.5
version of re skinned game aka CoD franchise..

PS.Dedicated servers on PC and Consoles all ready
sold on Homefront lets hope for a Beta soon.

Edit: At HeavenlySnipes yes KZ2 is a great example
of dedicated servers

HeavenlySnipes3289d ago

people act as if this iss the first game to have 32 people on dedicated servers. Well probably if you only play the 360.

MysticStrummer3289d ago

Sounds like I'll pass. Being able to spawn to your squad kills tactical play (((IMO))) and the ability to use points to get ammo, drones, and even vehicles also sounds silly to me. I like games that are more tactical than arcade-like.

DirtyLary3289d ago

I can't wait. I love this developer.

Front Lines Fuel of War was a great game. It was buried by bigger games and missed out by alot of gamers.

Captain Tuttle3289d ago

First of all the embedded video is unwatchable, it's loads every 3 seconds.
Secondly, this video is weeks old and it's on You Tube
Third, the animation is janky and weird. Watch (if you can) how the soldiers run and how choppy the tank turret looks when it turns.

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The story is too old to be commented.