Skyward Sword: The Legend of Zelda's Leap of Faith

Ryan Hauser writes, "The Legend of Zelda is one of the most memorable series Nintendo has ever crafted. While the franchise has stuck too a very basic formula, each entry has managed to bring something new to the table: A Link to the Past reinvented the series with a more story driven adventure. Ocarina of Time introduced gamer with a revolutionary targeting system. And Majora's Mask took an enormous leap by creating a dark, trippy, parallel dimension which revolved around the fate of the world over the span of three days. While the remaining Zelda entries were great additions to the franchise (Wind Waker gets an honorable mention), the titles listed above stand out as the most engrossing Legend of Zelda experiences to date. So that brings us to the latest Zelda offering – Skyward Sword. What steps is Nintendo taking to make this title just as innovative as its superstar counterparts? And will it ever be able to stand alongside the true legends of the series?"

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darkcharizard3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Some people didn't like Twilight Princess huh?

Gamespot - 8.8

LOL! What a joke!

Many have hailed it as the greatest Zelda game ever made, and imo it's the best of the Zelda series, along with Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past.

tunaks13290d ago

TP was great and got a lot of hate for no reason.