Valve Announces Defense of the Ancients 2

SystemLink: "Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced Dota 2, a massive sequel for one of the most played games in the world."

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TrevorPhillips3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Valve we asked for Left 4 Dead 3 and a new Half Life game not Defense of the Ancients 2...

T9X693291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Agreed. I was really hoping for L4D3 personally, as I'm not a big Half Life fan, but oh well.

Perjoss3291d ago

we didnt even really need a L4D2 man.

IaMs123291d ago

False, if i see a L4D3 before a new Half Life 3 or Episode 3 i will be royally pissed off at Valve

MachinaMaw3291d ago

Kinda expected this. IceFrog is working alongside Valve after all.

evrfighter3291d ago

what kind of sick demented pc gamer wanted left 4 dead 3?

episode 3 is understandable but gtfo with that L4D3 sh*t.

frostypants3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Not sure how anyone didn't like L4D2. It's clearly better than the first one in every way.

Add me to the "don't really care about Half Life" list. Never could get into the second one. I tried my damnedest.

I do agree that this is a weird game for them to announce, though. I don't think anyone was asking for a DOTA2...

ChineseDemocracy3291d ago

Fans: We want Half-Life 3!

Valve: Defence of the Ancients 2 it is!

Fred-G-Sanford3291d ago

lol, pretty much.

I'm getting tired of waiting for Half-Life Episode 3.

It's becoming the "Gran Turismo 5" of FPS games.

Sarcasm3290d ago

Why in the world are you people already asking for L4D3???

3290d ago
bakasora3290d ago

Valve is so smart to recruit IceFrog to develop DOTA2. It will bring in tons of money.

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TheIneffableBob3291d ago

Um, Valve already said that Left 4 Dead 3 will not release before 2012.

DOTA 2 sounds awesome.

JsonHenry3291d ago

d'oh! I want Episode 3 dagnabit!

Pandamobile3291d ago

No one's been asking for Left 4 Dead 3 except for PS3 fanboys for some reason.

Theonik3291d ago

This lol
DOTA 2 sounds sweet lol

frostypants3291d ago

No one's asking for Half Life 3 except PC fanboys for some reason.

wongway3291d ago

that's because Half-Life is better on the PC

Letros3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

L4D3? What else is there to do, L4D2 was about the extent of zombie coop you can get.

Laika3291d ago

dota is the shit. way better than the overrated l4d series.

ELite_Ghost3291d ago

i play LOL, made by icefrog too, can't wait for dota 2!!

Chimerhazzard3290d ago

League of Legends is NOT made by Icefrog. It's made by Riot games, and Icefrog has nothing to do with it.

ATi_Elite3291d ago

This is a HUGE move by Valve.

DotA (Defense of The Ancients) was a mod to World of Warcraft 3 played still today by 1.5 million active users.

Valve has come in and secured rights to this RTS/RPG right from under Blizzards nose. WOW!!

It's a perfect addition to Valve's line up and will be refereed to as DotA which is kinda Valvish anyway if you ask me.

So DotA 2 running on The Source Engine is gonna be huge as this gives Valve a solid RTS/RPG with a HUGE fan base intact and drooling at the mouth to play it.

And remember folks Valve is more than just Half Life!!

EL1TE3291d ago

World of Warcraft 3? What year are you in?

Blizzard never had DOTA rights, it was and still is a community mod. The only one with the rights of DOTA was IceFrog.

Saladfax3291d ago

I think the general point is that Blizzard easily could have snatched up the rights to DOTA and had the perfect marketing position as the primary platform upon which the original was created.

frostypants3291d ago

Has Valve ever done a non-FPS game before? Much less a successful one?

This will be interesting.

TROLL EATER3291d ago

for gea DOTA 2, Left for dead, portal etc.. HALF LIFE IS WELLL OVERDUE

tacosRcool3291d ago

So Valve, WHERE'S HALF LIFE 2 EPISODE 3?!?!?!?!?

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Lazy_Gamer3291d ago

Not a suprise, but dissapointing nevertheless.

Chris_TC3291d ago

It makes perfect sense though.

Think about it. Half-Life doesn't have much of a fan base, and all the games were critical failures:
Metacritic Half-Life 1 = 96
Metacritic Half-Life 2 = 96
Metacritic Half-Life 2 E1 = 87
Metacritic Half-Life 2 E2 = 90

Why would they want to continue this unsuccessful franchise? Of course other random games take precedence.

Dark_Vendetta3291d ago

Well they bought the Dota creator not long ago so it was obvious they would do a second one. Also it's not like they said "oh let's do dota 2 instead of Episode 3, people will like it more". The old team is still working on portal or whatever unanounced project they have, and the new (small?) one is working on Dota 2

Aggesan3291d ago

Learn to read sarcasm, will you?!

I'm so tired of people constantly missing obvious sarcasm.

antz11043291d ago

Very subtle SARCASM w/ no written winks...I like it.

TABSF3290d ago

Are you kidding me

Half-Life 1 & 2 both did over 7 retail million sales never mind sales on Steam

Granted Episodes 1 & 2 flopped in comparison, around 2 million each at retail but what about Steam again

Thing is Half-Life is one of the best gaming franchises but Console fanboys seem to forget that.

Steve_03290d ago


He was being sarcastic mate, any real gamer knows that Half-Life is just about the best experience there is.
"Granted Episodes 1 & 2 flopped in comparison, around 2 million each at retail but what about Steam again"

Episodes 1 and 2 did anything but flop. The reason critical reviews are lower than other titles in the series is because many reviewers were treating them as full titles. Which, as Valve has stated, they're not. Episodes 1 through 3 are meant to be equivalent to a full release. If you check out Orange Box reviews, where Episode 2 was originally only available, you'll notice the steller reviews, as although the only new additions were Episode 2 and Portal, and as such were the main focus of reviews, thanks to all the extra content reviewers had no trouble giving the Orange box high reviews as due to the amazing value.

I'm mainly a console gamer, but don't worry man, we know what HL is about.

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TheRealMorganWebb3291d ago

I thought this was news from Gameinformer, or I guess it is possible that Gabe called up systemguidetogamelife and gave them the info too.

Pandamobile3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Did it not occur to you that Gamers Guide to Life got the info from Game Informer?

TheRealMorganWebb3291d ago

Then I think they should have quoted a source then? Maybe. I'm kind of new to N4g but I took the contributor test and one of the rules specifically states that if a smaller blog gets news from a larger site the larger site should be credited. Which appears to be the specific case here.

PhilipLarkin3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The didn't get it from GI - Valve PR jumped the gun and sent out press releases early.

CrzyFooL3291d ago

Everyone got a press release this morning. Even Morgan Webb

plb3291d ago

Just give me Episode 3 and Portal 2

BumpFrankie3291d ago

Well clearly none of you guys play DotA.

This is going to be fucking awesome.

Christopher3291d ago

Personally never heard of it before today.

TheIneffableBob3291d ago

It's one of the most played online games today with I'd estimate around 20 million players. Have you heard of League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth? Those are games based on the DotA formula that aren't quite as popular as the original, but still have millions of players. Demigod is another game based on DotA gameplay, but that game kinda failed.

Panthers3291d ago

The only game Ive played that had DotA was WC3. But I have never played it myself. Was Defense of the Ancients a stand alone title before? Because I thought it was just a custom WC3 game that took on a life of its own lol.

TheIneffableBob3291d ago

DotA started as a custom WarCraft 3 map based on the custom StarCraft map Aeon of Strife.

antz11043291d ago

I agreed with the haven't played it part. Cool but kinda disappointed.

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