The Last Story's Massive Town and Surprising Camerawork

Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi appeared by himself in the first Iwata Asks column for The Last Story. That column brought some surprising news: Sakaguchi is directing the game -- a big revelation considering the Final Fantasy creator hasn't fully directed a game in 18 years.

The second Iwata Asks column for the game hit today (the long time between columns, admitted Iwata, was due to his being too busy preparing for the Nintendo Conference event to check the interview text). This time, Sakaguchi was joined by Mistwalker's Kimihiko Fujisaka, revealed to be the game's concept artist and character designer.

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Cloudberry3295d ago

The Last Story is one of the remaining traditional JRPGs I've known & love.

Especially from a man who's once creating one of the biggest JRPG series.

The story.

The characters.

The designs.

And everything about it, retain the roots from which JRPGs & JRPG developers shines.

Congrats to Wii owners.

pcz3295d ago

lets hope the town is diverse