High-Def Bribe or Format War For The Ages?

There Internetnews editor was this week, stuck in the back of the Stanford University Memorial Union auditorium at the Hot Chips conference, when he received an e-mail informing me that Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks had decided to go exclusively with the HD DVD camp.

Why would they do this given not only Blockbuster and Target siding with Blu-ray, but the clear negative reaction of consumers to the two formats? Warner's hit film 300 is available in both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats, and word from retailers was that the Blu-ray version was outselling the HD DVD version by more than two to one. This says something about the equipment.
For the unfamiliar, HD DVD, created by Toshiba and backed by Warner Bros., Microsoft and NEC, and Blu-ray, developed by Sony and its multiple partners, are vying to replace standard DVD

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ALI-G4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )


@mk-reed:u sony fan girl:why do u think BLUE-RAY had more exclusive backers than HD-DVD? is not selling in both format better for studioes which are not involve in the HD/BR CRAP?

@2.2:(bubble from u) if it was not for microsoft u will not be posting or reading in this site u [email protected]@ fangirl.anyway thanks for buying WINDOWS which u r usein in ur laptop/computer right now

MK_Red4072d ago

Well, Toshiba/Microsoft's move to pay $150 Million to Paramount was simply a bribe and there is no other word for it but what if Blu-ray/Sony tries to do the same thing and bribe? This format war is getting more and more uglier.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4072d ago

MS already stated that they wrote no checks and had nothing to do with the money that was paid.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

its microsoft they bribe everyone and steal everything.

Original Windows is from stolen code of MAC

Windows Vista is a rip off of Linux Red Hat and MAX OSX 10

Edit. How could you possible disagree? only fanboys did. Go try out Max OSX 10 and Linux Red Hat see yourself.

cuco334072d ago

it's toshiba is only doing what sony HAS done and will continue to do so. a lot of misleading information here but this war isn't going to end any time soon, if ever. there will be a stalemate. both formats are selling well but studios shortsited view of the ps3 being the trojan horse resulted in horrificly low attachment rates which studios car about (ps3 = less than 1 where all HD DVD players are 4.5). instead of trojan horse it's more like a cute fuzzy bunny rabbit. i see all studios going neutral offering similar experiences on both, i mean they are the same movie running under the same codecs. what ever BD tries to 'pack' in the extra space HD DVD can counter with the HDi experience or go with the 30gb disks. BD50 disk pricing must be astronomical as they haven't been released to the public. only more incentives for studios to go neutral or switch sides all together

as it stands, regardless of the short term sales with fonyboys preaching superiority of their 60% share of a total 5% movie market, sony isn't looking good. unfinished specs, more expensive to make, more expensive players, etc etc all for the 'same' experience

Gizmo_Logix4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

The reason paramount shifted over is because they NEEDED THE MONEY NOW! Not later. They didn't do as well as Fox, Disney, and Sony this last quarter in sales. So, instead of waiting a few months for Transformers to come out. They decided to take the money and run.

WilliamRLBaker4071d ago

Microsoft must be the best liars, and thieves in the universe if what they stole and lied about makes 95% of computer users use their OS..
Face it Microsoft didn't steal every thing or lied about every thing, its conspiracy nuts like you that give actual computer geeks bad names.

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beavis4play4072d ago

i agree with the article in one point. if a winner doesn't come out in the next 18 months, both will be dead. i don't think it will be that long. if there isn't a clear favorite by end of 2008, both will fail.

cdzie14072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

This guy needs to get his facts straight. Target didn't choose Blu-ray, Sony bought end-caps and then they sided with Blu-ray (players only, they are still selling HD DVD movies).

LoydX-mas4072d ago

must have been thinking the same thing at the same time:)

ArmrdChaos4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

wouldn't that be considered a BRIBE too?????

It's all tit for tat...I'm sure SONY was making promises to all these companies before this all started. They may have not paid anyone but there are many ways to entice people with (proposed/estimated) numbers. When it comes to it NO ONE is clean from guilt or shady actions, because if they were then all movies would be out on both formats and we (the majority) as consumers would be deciding the outcome.

You can expect things to really heat up this holiday season...that is when things will most likely go one way or the other.

LoydX-mas4072d ago

- Target didn't "side" with blu-ray, Sony just paid to have an endcap display
(they still sell and promote BOTH formats)

-HD-DVD was not created by "only Toshiba". Many companies other than Toshiba were a part of it's development and HD-DVD was the format chosen by the DVD forum to succeed standard DVD.

-"Greed as a motivator". I find this whole argument funny that only HD-DVD backed transactions and deals are "greedy", but the fact that Blu-ray developers split from the DVD forum to create their OWN format so they could benefit from its sales is hypocritical at best.

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