So You Own A Wii, Now What?: 8 Must-Own First-Party Wii Games

Game Podunker Rrquinta writes, "So you have this little white box sitting by your TV. You know it's supposed to be used for something, but you can't quite figure out what. It doesn't play movies, and it isn't high-def. However, as much vitriol as the Wii gets, it does have quite a few excellent gaming experiences, many of which are unique to that little console. So if your Wii is gathering dust, and playing Wii Sports with Grandma has gotten old, check out some of these great first-party Wii games and remember what it was like to have fun on a Nintendo console again..."

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FrigidDARKNESS3292d ago

The Last Story...definitely a must have game it will be more epic than FFXIII

Venox20083291d ago

are awesome.. SIN & PUNISHMENT 2 FTW!!! (and Punch-out)

Samus HD3291d ago

all awesome but I thought SSBB would be in top 3 (first, second or Third ) - but anyway it's good

tunaks13291d ago

all good, but prime 3 (and other M) should be on the list.

Venox20083291d ago

Warioware: smooth moves,
Excitebots & Excitetruck,
Wario: shake it (shake dimension)
Endless ocean 1 & 2 (if I am not mistaken)
Battalion Wars 2