Rumour: Valve To Offer Steam Trade-Ins

Speaking to NowGamer, analyst Michael Pachter has hinted that Valve may be about to offer Steam users the options to trade in their game licenses for credit. Full details here.

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Pandamobile3293d ago

I doubt the developers and publishers on Steam will like this very much.

Letros3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I think if publishers get a cut they will agree to it, I could put a game up for $20 on Steam, Steam offers a resale key for $30, publisher takes $10 on a cd-key swap, $20 put into my Steambucks account.

I would imagine any resale title would require X amount of months before this is possible to try to maximize profits.

However, I think weekend deals are just as effective for aged titles, so....not sure.

despair3293d ago

no worries for wear and tear either :)