StrengthGamer: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Impressions

StrengthGamer: Demo impressions preview plus VIDEO of the entire demo. "After seeing the trailers on massive screens at E3, I wasted no time downloading this delicious treat. I wish I could say I was disappointed, but unfortunately I was not. In fact, this demo made me wish the release date was tomorrow."

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niceguywii603292d ago

He's obviously saying that because he seen the screenshot comparisons.

joydestroy3292d ago

i'd give it a 4/5 and def see it scoring that when reviews start to roll in. i played the demo quite a few times which is rare for me. they cleaned up the controls and things work like they should now. also doesn't hurt that the combat is very satisfying and graphics look decent.

first one sucked mostly because of controls, but the second one is awesome.

JBaby3433291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I was so disappointed by this last night. As someone that loved the first and played through it more times than I can remember, they totally messed up a good thing instead of just making it better and fixing the small glitches. I don't like the new look and feel at all. Especially the behaviors of the force powers.

The character moves too different and the feel and look of the force powers is a bad change. They look cartoony now. Especially force repulse. Also when you grip someone in the air they move slower and you can't have the same fun acrobatics with them you could in the first plus I don't like the color-wave look they have coming out of them. I don't much like the new look in general. Targeting to grab objects is slightly better but throwing targeting is worse. Also in the first you could jump in mid-air and force lightning someone until your meter ran out and they would just take it. In this one that doesn't happen. Also debris still disappears instantaneously whereas I was hoping it would stay for longer now. Also no more force cannonball. I'll admit the lightsabre fighting is better but then I'm not playing the lightsabre unleashed.

I don't find it much better than the first at all.

Omega3291d ago

Are you serious man and your talking about a demo thats been shown and played since E3. The targeting feels great and throwing is still the same. Also the combat feels more fluid and responsive. I see how your complaining about the lighting by some enemies by not taking it and has it ever occured to you that maybe they are immune to it or they are trying to make the game different on that. Also the stormtroppers were taking it and it doesn't mean that every enemy should. And about the debri dissappearing faster, I think thats a good thing cuz sometimes it get in way of combat. I'm sorry but the 1st one WAS good and the problem with it was choppy ass combat and fluid in it with broken targeting system and less responsive controls. So yeah your crazy man!

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xg-ei8ht3292d ago

Yep morgan, i played it on 360, it is a 3/5.

Also played it on PS3, it got 5/5.

Ju3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

That's because you are a different person if you play it on the PS3. LOL.

Unless you are from the press, then it would be the other way round. (well, that's old. Sorry).

UltimateIdiot9113292d ago

Originally I had no plans of getting this any time soon but I might now depending on how long the GT5 delay is.

It's either this or NFS:HP. If this had Move support, I would have jumped on it already.

lowcarb3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I thought it was pretty good but regardless of how I feel about it the fans are going to eat it up. My son due to good grades will be getting this on his birthday in November and regardless of what it scores he will love it.

DarkFantasy3292d ago

wow this looks really good going to pick this up even if it gets bad reviews,i want it for the story :P..i really enjoyed the story line of the first game and iv been dieing to see what is going to happen in the swfu2 downloading the demo right now its 38% done :P

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