Kinect Fever Is Building

The main thing that excites OXM about Kinect selling out is the fact that with a solid user base, any publishers who had cold feet about supporting development of Kinect games should have their fears allayed and you'll see even more creative uses of the technology.

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TheRealMorganWebb3288d ago

I got it! The Kinect Fever deep in my loins.

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dalibor3288d ago

Kinect could use some more cowbell in Dance Central .
It's what the costumers want.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3288d ago

The fever is the result of a virus or infection and if you don't get it treated you'll die.

I can't believe that people are really buying this garbage. And I base my this off of all the videos we've seen showing the just how awful the tracking system is for Kinect.

Cueil3287d ago

well the PS3 launch line up was pretty aweful as well and there was no reason to even buy the console until MGS4 came out... now look it has a beautiful lineup of games

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ThatIrishGamer3288d ago

until we saw that FPS video released last night. Microsoft told us this technology was designed for both casuals. . .and actual gamers. Well. . .the FPS video has showed us that they lied.

HDgamer3288d ago

You mean this video?

It showed the possibility of future AAA games that no one will buy.

m-s-8-23288d ago

Awesome. So there's this and Kinectimals. Has there even been anything else announced for Kinect?

ThatIrishGamer3288d ago

MS : "Kinect is for real gamers too!" - bull it is. . it's nothing except trying to steal Nintendo's granny market with a variety of fitness games.

GiggMan3288d ago

Wow... That was painfully to watch.

RIP_Weazel3288d ago

Just fu*king gobsmacked! I can't even believe that they'd want to showcase that sh*t!

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plb3288d ago

I just don't understand how they can even try and sell such rubbish. I'd be totally embarrassed demoing that. People were just walking away and confused about it.

ForzaGT3288d ago

you mean hype is building

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The story is too old to be commented.