ARS: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow feels like homework, not a game

ARS: Sixty dollars is a lot of money, and time is something you can't buy at any price. Why not do something enjoyable? Lords of Shadow offers you boring gameplay with a side dish of uninspired story. I don't care if you have the budget of a Trump combined with the life expectancy of a MacLeod, there are better things for you to do with your time and money.

Lords of Shadow is just bland, a mishmash of warmed over ideas that adds up to less than the sum of their parts. It's not terrible, but that would almost be preferable. Yes, this sounds whiny, but life is too short for games that aren't fun. Right now I'm playing more involving games, I'm halfway through a good book, and I hear there was a lesbian scene in last night's episode of Glee. All of those things are preferable.

P.S.: The framerate on the 360 version is bad.

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Milky3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

For real? It seems like the game is too hard for this whiner, this game is F.U.N.

labaronx3293d ago

it is pretty challenging..... but im liking the story so far.

showtimefolks3293d ago

but it felt like enemies were taking cheap shots any time they wanted

funny thing is they have already started working on the sequel

Christopher3293d ago

Castlevania has its challenges and cheap elements, but so do most games like it. I don't see it any worse than other hack and slash games personally.

colonel1793293d ago

it is fun, but it is also cheap. The one thing I agree with the author is the mapping of the controls. They don´t feel natural. Dodging with L2+LS is weird. I have gotten used to it, but is still uncomfortable.

Then there is the collecting of magic. Why did they map the absorbing to L3 and R3? When you are fighting, you need to press the sticks and you can't move, it is just weird, and again, uncomfortable. It should have been backwards. Having the absorbing mapped to L1 and R1 and using the magic with L3 and R3. That would make more sense and be more comfortable.

Other little complain, that can't be avoided with strategy is that I have noticed that when jumping, sometimes the enemies still hit you, even though you are out of reach (supposedly)..

Christopher3293d ago

I completely agree with the design concept of mapping the absorb buttons to the analog sticks. You get used to it, but kind of makes you wonder why they did it that way. But, now it's become part of the challenge, getting to a point in heavy combat where I have enough space and time to absorb energy to either help heal myself or deal more damage.

Swiftfox3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The reason for this most of the issues with playstation users is that the developers wanted a control sceme that would fit the the Xbox and Ps3 at the same time.

How you hold both controllers is very different. On the Xbox 360 pad your index fingers rest on the triggers naturally. On the Dualshock your index fingers rest on the shoulder buttons. To hit the bumpers on the 360 you are forced to flex up and this awkward to sustain it for long periods of time. On the Dualshock you simply move your index finger down, it's different and awkward but much more comfortable, you could even use your middle finger to control the L2 and R2 buttons while you use the shoulder buttons. Using both middle and index fingers to control the triggers and bumpers on the 360 is very unorthidox and clumbsy.

If Dodging and Blocking was L1 mapped to the 360 controller it would be Left Bumper and require and uncomfortable stretch to hold it and would seem unatural as well as offset the balance of the controller in the players hands. You would want such a commonly used button to reside under a nuetral hand button, like left trigger.

To put it shortly, it was a easy copy past button mapping from the Xbox 360 to the PS3. We've seen this in many many many titles this generation especially shooters and you can easily tell if the "fire weopon" button is R2 instead of the more comfortable and natural R1.

Gue13293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I just read the article and then I read your comments and I'm like: "WTF are you people talking about?". When you gonna learn? Read the article and never start writing a comment based on the tittle alone.

The author is not even talking about difficulty, he is just stating that the game's pace is slow and boring. That puzzles are retarded and that the game has a few other annoying things that make the game feel like doing homework. And I agree.

SaberEdge3293d ago

It feels nothing like doing homework. It's a blast. I loved the whole game.

showtimefolks3293d ago

i was gonna buy this game but demo did a bad job for me personaly so i will waite either for bargin bin or gamefly.

with how jammed pack Q1 2011 is this along with enslaved and vanquish will be in bargin bin really fast

labaronx3293d ago

on Black friday at some retailers..... keep an eye out lol

showtimefolks3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

and than Q1 2011 who is gonna pay $60 for a 3-4 month old game so they will go down to $30-40 fast lol

medal of honor

black friday should have a deadl on these gamees for sure

K mart offering $20-25 gift card with each game anyway at launch

jc485733293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

you can already get this games for 30-40 each. you guys are just not trying hard enough. There's a risk factor when you buy 60 dollars games because you might not like it.

HxCGamer3293d ago

same... the demo seemed really choppy

I really wanted this game but not sure bout it now.
I'm at least going to rent it though.

showtimefolks3293d ago

the combat felt like poor man's god of war 3

i can't believe i am saying this but compbat was much better in dante's inferno

KwietStorm3293d ago

Poor man's God of War 3? The combat in God of War is easy as hell. I can pull off 100 hit combos with Kratos when I'm half asleep. Lords of Shadow is nowhere near as forgiving. You have to work for it. The combat, especially air combos, feel more akin to Devil May Cry, which also is not as simple as God of War.

Baka-akaB3293d ago

the demo doesnt even gives you 20% of the fighting mechanics

Anilom3293d ago

Okay! u just suck at playing a good game! I can not get off this game at all! You think this game is hard, try playing Demon's Souls..

liquidgravity3293d ago

I cant stop play. Im a big fan of the Castlevania series and i LOVE this game. I it has its challenging parts but Im goin threw at a pretty good pace. Im on chapter 8 right now and im lovin it!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.