Media Create hardware sales (10/4 – 10/10)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Hardbladestone3295d ago

the wii just keeps dieing a little bit more every week

commodore643295d ago

Here's the numbers:

Valay «-» October 13, 2010 «-» PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP, News «-» 0 comments

PSP – 33,683
DSi – 22,301
DSi LL – 21,777
PS3 – 19,948
Wii – 12,158
DS Lite – 5,960
Xbox 360 – 2,746
PS2 – 1,373
PSP go – 1,191

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week.

PSP – 37,088
DSi – 24,937
DSi LL – 24,246
PS3 – 20,363
Wii – 13,360
DS Lite – 5,707
Xbox 360 – 2,769
PS2 – 1,247

Is it safe to say the PS Move has had no impact at all on ps3 sales?

postofficebuddy3295d ago

Move doesn't come out in Japan until October 21st.

a08andan3295d ago

Yeah it is. Cause it is, as postofficebuddy said, not out there yet.

TheColbertinator3295d ago

lol Commodore64 owned again!


Parapraxis3295d ago

Is it safe to say 785days of practice have had no impact at all on commodore64's trolling skills?

The Maxx3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Wait a minute, How did commodore64 fail? Move comes out in October (a couple of weeks) in Japan yet sales are declining. Are you all trying to tell me that anyone in Japan that may be interested in Move are NOT going to buy a PS3 until Move is released? Don't you think that there would be...I don't know, SOME kind of excitement or anticipation within Japan to actually spark sales leading up and passing the release date of Move?

The figures show a decline in PS3 sales. That means there is no steady increase for Move. If that is the case, anticipation for Move is not causing any current sale spikes for the PS3.

commodore64 isn't wrong here. The Move in Japan (which launches in a couple of weeks) is not causing enough excitement or anticipation to boost sales leading up the the Moves release date.

raztad3295d ago


It is pretty clear why Commodore fails.

For PSMOVE to "move" consoles the hardware needs to be out. People will buy it, most probably, bundled. Besides he could have, at least, waited for the device to release before jumping to conclusions. Perhaps commodore thought MOVE was already out.

The Maxx3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"Perhaps commodore thought MOVE was already out."

True, he could have. But you are speculating that that was his mistake. Unfortunately he only has 1 bubble so he can't explain himself.

Regarding your comment "For PSMOVE to "move" consoles the hardware needs to be out." I don't agree with that. Anticipation for MOVE could still spark sales before release since it's only a couple of weeks off. Now you could be right that everyone is waiting for the bundle. But I just find it unlikely that so many consumers in Japan are waiting for a bundled PS3 with Move that it will have a noticeable spike in PS3 sales. Move was just announced recently and I don't think many Japaneese gamers were sitting and thinking "I would only buy a PS3 if a motion controller was available for it". Most likely the market already has the PS3's and will buy MOVE as an addition.

I don't see Japan's sales having any kind of PS3 sales spike due to MOVE being bundled with it. I don't see the Japanese consumer finally buying a $300 PS3 now that a motion controller is out while they can get a Wii (the most dominant console on the market) for their motion control fix.

Only time will tell. Lets see what happens.

bviperz3295d ago

Sigh, this is why shouldn't use 'sales' as any type of measurement of quality or success. As commodore64 goes to show above, you end up looking like a fool in the end.

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postofficebuddy3295d ago

With Kirby releasing next week and the Mario collection the week after this should be the lowest we see Wii falling this year although next year is looking very bleak. Most likely most of Nintendo's internal devs have already shifted focus to the 3DS and Skyward Sword will likely be the last big first party Wii release. PS3 continuing to hold at about 20k and Move releasing two weeks from now should help it retain and maybe increase that momentum.

Bigpappy3295d ago

Who cares about sales? Gotcha!

KratosGod33295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

360 funboys cares more about sales than play quality games in America.
so... they care.

Shaymin3295d ago

still see your trolling again Bigpappy

xg-ei8ht3295d ago

Wii is dying now because of the amount it's sold.

It's done well tbh, considering it does not cater to the hardcore or the hd crowd.

Considering the PS3 is now outselling the wii in all 3 regions, i think it'll drop more and more.

badz1493295d ago

" considering it does not cater to the hardcore or the hd crowd"

if by that you mean Japanese gamers, you can't be more wrong than that!

blackburn53295d ago

Move and GT5 should bring PS3 sales way up.

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