Kinection Failed

Has Kinect failed before it has even launched? At the risk of ending this article prematurely ... yes. Microsoft has alienated the very gamers that have made their console a success, thus inhibiting the sales potential of their yet-to-be-released motion control peripheral, from a "global gamer" market, to a "consumer gamer" market, leaving out what would usually be labeled the "hardcore gamer" market.

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panasonic233296d ago

Lets see Wii Casual game system 70 million sold worldwide

Pennywise3296d ago ShowReplies(9)
gta_manic3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

The Wii actually works properly, while Kinect is just...well we all know

gamingdroid3295d ago

LOL... so now the Wii actually works properly?

gta_manic3295d ago

The Wii does what it was made to do and it didn't promise the world and the death star to get you to buy it.

niceguywii603295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Stop your crying. LoL at these pro Sony blog articles . All Sony fanboys can do to combat 360 sales and the demand of Kinect is agree with anti 360/Kinect garbage like it is the gospel. "MSFT left core gamers behind" is so desperate and ignorant even moronic. Giving options for different types of experiences is hardly leaving anybody behind. There is all kinds of games in different genre's from many devs being developed. If you don't like motion play traditional games, if you're a casual play kinect and less challenging games, if you're a hardcore gamer play both types of games and e erything between. The myth of hardcore gamers only playing bloody FPS was created to attack the 360 and fans. Hardcore gamers are simple people that game as a hobby usually speeding a lot of free time playing games collecting games and usually play all types of games not just one or two types of genres hence being hardcore

gta_manic3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

niceguywii60 is trolling on my reply, this makes it special
PS @niceguywii60 you need a tissue, you seem a little upset
PPS quick edit so you can reply...
edit niceguywii60, so kinect has options for all gamer types...right...sure buddy sure...(steps away slowly)

JokesOnYou3295d ago

I have bought every console since the NES, been gaming since Atari. I bought the original xbox on launch day and and I've favored the xbox platform every since, I own more games than anybody I know personally, so I consider myself a serious as hardcore gamer as they come and Iam not in the least bit feeling alienated by micros efforts to grow their demographic/brand....none of the folks I know have voiced such a concern either in fact we're all at least interested in the tech/future games.


3295d ago
douchedebater3295d ago

I don't get where you're coming form. I think niceguywii60 was both well said and very sensible. You are actually the one trolling.

frostypants3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"Pro Sony blog articles"??? Did you bother LOOKING at this? The blog is strewn with banners for Gears and Halo game nights. It's clearly NOT a pro-Sony blog. It's clearly a 360-oriented site. And they don't like Kinect. The NERVE!

Why is it so hard for you to accept that Kinect is not a good product? Find me a legitimate demo that DOESN'T make it look like crap. If it isn't junk, then surely you can provide some evidence to the contrary.

Go ahead, we'll wait.

Kill Crow3294d ago

I'm an xbox fan

I don't like Kinect.

However, That doesn't change the fact that Kinect is all about M$ attracting a whole different market of gamers to the brand. Thats what will make it a success. it's NEW gamers. If they like Kinect they will have to buy a NEW console ... they're most likely getting bored of their wii anyway and the 360 + Kinect offers them a whole new experience of party gaming the likes of which they couldn't get on wii or ps3 seeing as the motion controlling system is exactly the same.

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PS360fanboy3295d ago

It's already sold out everywhere so at least commercially we can't call it a fail. I certainly won't pick it up and don't expect you guys to do it but looks like there actually is a casual crowd among 360 users.

Kyur4ThePain3295d ago

True, but do we know how many copies that means?
It could be millions, but it could also be hundreds.
"Sold out" doesn't say much.

karl3295d ago

it say at least 2 millions to me... i would say 3 but that may be stretching it way to much... well see

i honestly dont care anymore.. even if 360 starts to sell like hell and leaves ps3 on third place.. that would only leave pc and ps3 as the only place for hardcore gamers..

if microsoft succeeds .. they will just keep droping money on the casual and forget the hardcore... on the contrary they will be back supporting hardcore gamers if kinect fails

ico923295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

comparing a peripheral to a console ???, your shooting yourself in the foot

Pennywise3295d ago

So am I trolling because I compared the blind following of 360 fans to the mass suicides of lemmings, or because I stated a very valid fact that MS in the gaming world doesn't hold a candle to Nintendos name IN GAMING.

When people mention gaming to anyone - Old, young, fat, or skinny: People think of Nintendo and Mario.

You put grandma in a store buying games for the grandchildren - They will buy a Wii over a 360 9/10 times because of name recognition.


The Maxx3295d ago

"So am I trolling because I compared the blind following of 360 fans to the mass suicides of lemmings"
- Yes

"or because I stated a very valid fact that MS in the gaming world doesn't hold a candle to Nintendos name IN GAMING."

- Yes again.

When people talk about gaming, Halo seems to be the big name. When people talk about Nintendo, then it's Mario.

Times have changed. People these days no longer associate "gaming" to 1 particular company. Nintendo has the casuals. But if talk to anyone in here, they will be more than happy to say Uncharted and Drake, or Killzone or Kratos and GoW.

Gaming had become much bigger than it once was, and the market has burst wide open for big name, new IP games by different console makers.


All HUGE names and are not associated with Nintendo. Sony and MS are big names in the gaming industry. Especially Sony. I disagree that MS "doesn't hold a candle" to Nintendo.

strickers3295d ago

Lemmings do not commit mass suicide.It's false but 360 fanboys do often commit mass acts of financial suicide eg Live,Kinect sold out,HDDs,new 360s,HD DVDs.Any 360 hardware is basically a rip off.I know,I own one.if it wasn't for the first 18 months,gears and L4D is would have been a bigger waste of money than my Wii.

Bigpappy3295d ago

When I try and submit some thing with actual news about Kinect I have to go through all kinds of loops to get it approved. If you want to approve this junk, you should also approve the ligit stuff.

avengers19783295d ago

Actually I think there goal is to get new different people to buy the 360 not there base witch let's face it pretty much all have one. There core target demographic have pretty much had a 360 for at least a few years by now. So if they get consumers to buy a kinect and 360 bundle then it is a success...
When your goal is new customers then That is how you will gear your products and ad campaign toward.

Imperator3295d ago

360 fanboys are utterly hopeless. How the hell can you support a company that just ditched it's entire fanbase just to try and cash in on the casual market? THINK ABOUT IT! With all the money MS poured into Kinect, they could have made more first party studios that would push the 360 forward. But No, all the 360 has now is Gears 3 late next year.

How can you guys be so blind??? And don't just disagree, I'd really like to know why you take this delusion so far. Trust me, if Sony suddenly dropped support for core gamers, PS3 fans WOULD complain left and right. Unlike 360 fanboys.

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TheRealMorganWebb3296d ago

I'm not sure about Kinect, but is pretty much a fail.

GigaGaia3295d ago

Kinect was doomed to fail the second it was announced.

Jazz41083295d ago

Did you ever consider that around the world there are people interested in Kinect. Just because you and I think its a waist of money and I also think move is a waist does not mean there's not a market for this stuff. It will work fine for what the casuals will use it for but as long as ms does not drop the core audience I'm fine with it and like many have said I really have no fears in them doing that.

number473295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

The games are basic webcam games. That are buggy when not monitored by a MS Rep. You're supporting Microsoft selling a faulty product*again* to the unknowing masses. These games do not work, they aren't new technology. So far Kinect has:

1. Jumping on a raft
2. A terrible Eyepet game.
3. Ricochet balls
4. A non 1:1 dancing game where you just do poses

There are no core 360 legacy titles working with the device, and its limited to doing poses. Can't do FPS, cant do off-rails games. People interested in Kinect don't know it doesn't work. They are just buying into what MS is pretending it to be.

DeathGazer3295d ago

Uh oh, no free Kinect for these guys!

visualb3295d ago

I'd say the article title is rather flame bait =/ so much is already going against kinect. just fanboy fodder now -__-

thisisxbox3295d ago

I am a huge Xbox 360 fan and although I was generally excited about Kinect when it was first announced, the closer and closer launch is coming the more I am concerned that it would be something I'd regret buying. I have for now cancelled my pre-order and I am likely to see what the general response is after Christmas.

I don't have much space in my room and I'd rather wait for a mass of public feedback before making an decision. Thankfully as an optional add-on the mass gaming market is not really affected this will not lower the quality of games we expect to enjoy and buy - Gears, CoD, Halo's etc

limewax3295d ago

Good for you mate, If its any good get it after christmas, at least that way you arent risking wasting your money on being the guinue-pig (cant spell that)

Hate to say it though but it most certainly will affect the quality of games as pretty much all of MS first party work is now directed towards Kinect, So you may not see a lack of quality, but you certainly will see a lack of games, It sucks I know but its true, I want 360 to be how it used to be

gypsygib3295d ago

limewax is right, what is MS working on for next year besides Gears 3? All the R&D and marketing money MS has put into Kinect and it "games" has certainly deprived 360 owners of quality new IP's as there are none known of. MS didn't announce anything core related at E3 except for Gears.

I bought my 360 in 2007 because it had the best exclusives in the pipe line (Gears, ME, Halo, Fable, Lost Odyssey). Gears is cool, Halo gameplay has gotten stale, Fable is coo and ME is multi-plat now and PS3's exclusive catalogue dominates now. It's the core gamers system of choice if you like non-casual games.

Bigpappy3295d ago

I plan to play the heck out of it. I will have my fallout and fable to relax with. But I am a very active person. I like to move it. My kids like to move also and I like it when they are moving around and having fun, not sit in one spot for hours. They spend enough time studying and doing homework. This is perfect for my home. I really must than M$ for buying 3DV and really tanking this tech to the masses. When I saw the 3DO demos, I really wanted someone to bring the tech to console. Now here I am with only a few week before I have mine in my own living room.

deadie3295d ago

I also have kids and i think they deserve better. We usually go out and play soccer, climb trees and such. They really like that. You should try it.
Save your money from this rubbish and spoil your children @ some amusement park instead. Your children will probably have fonder memories of stuff like that rather than attempting to simulate activities with something as halfassed as kinect in front of your tv.
But hey it is - as always - your choice. ;)


@ gypsygib

Thanks dude, I have to say I think you summed up the situation perfectly.

I am glad I own both systems and I got both then they launched respectively, but if I didn't, right about now would be the time I would be looking at picking up the ps3 and leaving my 360 to collect dust.