Five Classic RPGs We'd Like to See Added to PSN

With Alundra and Arc the Lad now on PSN, Joystick Division lists five more classic RPGs that should be brought to the service.

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HeroXIV3288d ago

Aww Alundra isn't on the EU store. :( Really would love to play through it again.

MrMccormo3288d ago

I'd love to see Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story on the PSN store!

-Alpha3288d ago

I'd like to see CC/C. Trigger in HD, never played those titles.

despair3288d ago

You never played chrono trigger?!! That's my favorite RPG of all time, I never beat a game that much until Ocarina of time. They really should release it though, never played the PS1 version only SNES.

Ridrick3288d ago

Vagrant Story is already on PSN ...

Godmars2903288d ago

Another symptom of Square's stupidity is not bringing Xenogears to Western PSNs when its been in JP for about a year already.

Blaster_Master3288d ago

Xenogears is a no brainer. I guess Squeenix are just a bunch of idiots? WTF is really going on over there?

Rhezin3288d ago

like Baulders Gate 1-2. The couch co-op was awesome for those games.

-Alpha3288d ago

I liked that game. If we are talking PS2 then Dark Cloud 2 for sure. I'd like Dragon Quest 9 (I think), I heard that was good

despair3288d ago

I think its DQ8 you're talking about, PS2 version right? That game is great, very deeply based in classic RPG elements but amazing none the less.

Blaster_Master3288d ago

Dragon Warrior 7 was the last psx game.

Taggart4513288d ago

With all the rehashing that Square Enix does I'm actually quite surprised that Chrono Cross ISN'T on the store yet.

EXID3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

why in god's name haven't they brought xenogears to the na psn yet?!?!? seriously?!?!

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The story is too old to be commented.