Gran Turismo 5 delay might prove to be an ace up Sony’s sleeves

GM writes : First off, you should not panic since rest assured that the game will be releasing this Holiday season itself and won’t be pushed into next year. Also, it’s highly likely that the game hasn’t seen a delay because of some technical reasons as Polyphony has claimed to have finished development for the game on numerous occasions, it’s more due to getting “the date” right.

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ArcFatalix3294d ago

they shouldnt risk it for cod or kinect.

renegade3294d ago

Cod will sell kinect not so sure.

cyborg3294d ago

it would have definitely clashed with GT 5 if that released in Nov 2nd. You gotta be fair, this is all that Sony's got for this Holiday season. You can't blame them really. Also, a December release won't be much lose for us since that's when we would have the most time to play it. Atleast I will

T9X693294d ago

Wouldn't you have more time to play a game that releases in November, rather than a game that releases in December since it will already be out?

Just sayin.

BYE3294d ago


Almost whole Europe is buying Kinect in the UK, it's the cheapest and shipping from is free.

So, no surprise really that's it's sold out there.

TengkuAmir103294d ago

Take off your fanboy glasses and stop taking crack too much! Kinect will for sure sell! This is coming from a PS3 owner right here.

niceguywii603294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

You're not so sure Kinect will sell? It's selling out all over(Best-Buy/GAME/Amazon-UK

Kinect SOLD OUT at GAME in UK:

Kinect: Amazon UK no longer taking pre-orders

Best Buy SOLD OUT of Kinect and Kinect 250GB Bundles

deafwing3294d ago

... it is his God given right to take his sweet time (a lifetime if be)

insomnium3294d ago Show
Makidian3294d ago

@Niceguy It's interesting that people, such as yourself, seem to think that online sales in the UK are somhow indicative of global success while having no idea what pre-order allocations each one has been given. Selling out of pre-orders online is nothing, when stores start selling out then it's a big deal.

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Hades13373294d ago

Everyone says that GT is one of the strongest brands in the industry. If they choose to delay it for "marketing reasons" it shows that Sony doesn't have much faith in it.

InfectedDK3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Nope.. Actually it's normal xb
It shows they are not afraid and they can do whatever they want and not rush the game. It'll just sell better with the new date. No one can blame them. It's their masterpiece and soon to become everyones :-)

The best GT5 trailer I've seen:

36T3294d ago

lmao! Thanks for the laugh InfectedDoorKnob.

cliffbo3294d ago

send us a picture of your face when GT releases

ryuzu3294d ago

Rubbish. GT5 is a big title in its own right and certainly not something for the non-gamers that MS is targeting with Kinect.

Either way, this is not a marketing thing - you don't get this close to release and pull the plug for something like that - stores had already advertised their midnight opening, pre-orders were in, the various packages are announced.

I imagine it's bugs that caused this delay - even now we've seen so little of the features in GT5 - other games that are close to complete and release are usually being demo'd in a more or less complete form (where's the online for example?). All we've had from PD is tiny demos and GT5P 2 years ago.

Definitely not marketing based delay.


dead_eye3294d ago

Spot on ryuzu. If it was marketing wouldn't it be better to release first which is what it was going to do.

Pedantic913294d ago

A game like this really needs a proper release window.

lowcarb3294d ago

This game is to epic to not be given it's very own spotlight. All other talk aside and regardless of it's name we as gamers need to all recognize and support this team of developers regardless of if you ever own it or not. I only wish other developers put as much attention to details in there game like these guys. Anyways push it back and avoid the whole COD and Kinect fiasco.

Unicron3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

+ Bubbles for you Carb. Well said. Bungie/Polyphony especially deserve nods for content above all!

Dirk Benedict3294d ago

that was very well-said, lowcarb. i am going to click this button right here and enable you a bubble.

lowcarb3294d ago

Thanks guys nothing better than a power up on N4G. Here go some bubbles back at ya.

3294d ago
Persistantthug3294d ago

I was thinking the game would probably do better to release closer to BLACK FRIDAY.

This is Sony's premiere game of the entire year, so a BF day release would probably render more maximized potential.

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cyborg3294d ago

December release window gives them a lot of breathing space

panasonic233294d ago

He knew sony was going to delayed the fvcking for 100 times

Hellsvacancy3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

It sucks, MS should delay Kinect, Sony shouldnt hav 2 delay a masterpiece like GT5 for the sake of sum crappy bit of hardware thats aimed at 10 year olds

Edit: How long has us GT fans waited 4 GT5? a looong time, YEARS b4 all these "Kinect pre-orders" I WANT GT5 NOW, GOT IT!

T9X693294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Why would MS delay something that has more pre-orders than its competition? They might as well delay Fable 3 to push back GT5 even more than right? Your post is stupid.

EDIT: Yea and? People been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever for 10 year. Way before GT5 was even thought of and they are still waiting, and have to wait at least until next year. You can't really complain when people have been waiting twice as long for a game just as big.

TheDopeFiend3294d ago

I'm sorry to get involved here but comparing Duke Nukem to GT5 is downright silly, i don't see DN selling nowhere near as much as Kinet or GT5

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