Star Wars The Force Unleashed II TV Spot is nothing short of EPIC!

GR - Mind blowing Star Wars The Force Unleashed II TV Spot Trumps everything

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AntoineDcoolette3290d ago

Wow, those poor storm troopers.

Redempteur3290d ago

this is certainly a good ad .. but can you do that in game ?

Unicron3290d ago

The force bubble?

Hold L2, charge Circle. Pop goes the troopers.

Christopher3290d ago

That was a bit more than a force bubble. The force bubble seemed to be charged with electricity and disintegrated them as it hit them.

As to the ads, they're good. I like the first game and already pre-ordered the second. I think think the _only_ problem I have with the series is having someone like Starkiller fight Darth Vader when he's using abilities at a level never seen before by any other Jedi.

October is a ridiculous month for good Action and RPG game releases, though. I'm going to busy through February with games from this month alone *happy gamer dance*

Corepred43290d ago

i've saw these last night. they are fantastic. the videos were sent to my facebook wall by i forgot. but i watched them like 4 times each. I love how vader flies through the walls and gets up like nothing.

AllroundGamer3290d ago

you have to fully charge (hold the circle button longer) the force bubble for the max explosion, then it will disintegrate enemies (at least that is what i saw, when i played the PS3 demo :) )

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DigitalAnalog3290d ago

Would it be just as LINEAR as the first game?

-End statement

Christopher3290d ago

Yes. Don't see the issue with a linear action game considering 99.99% of them are linear. The gameplay is fun and the story isn't that bad.

If you're looking for a game like this that isn't linear, you're not going to be playing many games.

DigitalAnalog3289d ago

You mis-interpret my comment. Owning a PS3 myself, you of all people should know "linearity" exist within our exclusives. I'm just implying whether the spaces we play in are a lot bigger, but judging from the demo itself, it doesn't seem to be that way.

-End statement

chazjamie3290d ago

i thought it was going to be something mediocre. i was wrong, very wrong. that was....amazing

denawayne3290d ago

They need to make full length movies like this.

Unicron3290d ago

Blur does some GORGEOUS work. The demo sold me on this game, without a doubt. Can't wait!

Sweeet3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

No really, I jaw dropped and I can't seem to get it back up!

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The story is too old to be commented.