Medal of Honor - didn't stand a chance

Zombiegamer: All the bad press, some less than complimentary reviews and gamers screaming foul play on forums all over, could lead to studio’s sticking to these idiosyncrasy and formulas that we are complaining about in the first place. We could be suppressing the promoting of new ideas and methodologies… as we cry out for yet another carbon copy.

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8-bit3287d ago

"We could be suppressing the promoting of new ideas and methodologies… as we cry out for yet another carbon copy."

Best quote of the article. I am personally sick of cookie cutter FPS that use the COD4 engine as a stencil.

Gago3287d ago

I knew this game was a generic pile of crap

and a shamelessly pathetic attemt to copy COD

LoVeRSaMa3287d ago

The only other console FPS games that stand a chance are Halo and Killzone.

Even after all the MoH Hype, I knew it was not going to be enough, its a shame really, luckily though we have Killzone and Halo to fall back on.

COD is very addictive I hate it but love it at the same time.

alcapwn1803287d ago

Yup, because Call of Duty didn't rip off Medal of Honor during its time. Idiot. The series has been around since 1999... the creators of Infinity Ward came from doing to the MoH series. They wanted to do Modern Combat and they do it the way a MoH game is suppose to be done with the utmost authenticity and realism you deserve for this kind of era of battle. Not over the top shit that would never happen. Meaning Call of Duty.

LoVeRSaMa3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Yea Agreed, its a shame really

visualb3287d ago

seriously, its another modern day shooter with the "flash back" narrative....


I smell cookie cutter FPS

r0gueZA3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

yip, thats why I aplaud Guerilla with Killzone, besides the fact that its awesome, it does things differently

DelbertGrady3287d ago

I applaude Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the same reasons :)

crzyjackbauer3287d ago

what like crappy controls?
the graphics were gorgeous but c'mon really
i played thought it once that was enough for me
Killzone 1 didn't have those controls i really liked KZ1 campaign

scar203286d ago

@crzyjackbauer the controls werent crappy your probably just not used to kz2 controls guerrila dosent want thier shooter to feel and play like a game that is rehashed every year they want it to stand out from all the other shooters.

visualb3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

KZ has a really distinct vibe to it. Its Sci-Fi yet "realistic" in a certain sense =)

it also had a different feel to it thats untouchable, and now with KZ3 it might be improved = awesome

I disagree with this article: I don't understand where all the hate is coming from

if MoH is a solid FPS experience, WHO CARES if its compared to COD, just enjoy the damn game.

MW2 was broken and completely ruined by its community / abandonment by its developer and I don't remember seeing so many complains like I'm seeing about MoH.

+ I feel like all these articles are coming from COD fanboys =/ Mind you I love COD up to 4 but just because I do doesn't mean I need to sh!t all over MoH
P.S. after "defending MoH" I will not be buying it, like I didn't buy MW2 because I agree - too many modern shooters out there, and COD4 is still all I need to satisfy those needs.

Transporter473287d ago

The game is great could of been a bit longer but that is okay, and if i recall gears of war 1 was short but nobody cared that much, also the multiplayer great some people might not like it that is up to them, this game is great none the less

r0gueZA3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

didn't stand a chance at the lofty expectations expected from it before its even had a run

tacosRcool3287d ago

Halo 3 and Reach have very short campaigns but supposedly good multiplayer. Since its not CoD or Halo it gets dissed on every level. I proudly own this game and I am loving it!

r0gueZA3287d ago

Well, Reach on Legenday took me 2 weeks of not stop playing:)
I did the same frikkin stages for hours on end

kaveti66163287d ago

halo 3's campaign took me 14 hours on normal.

I'm still not done with Reach.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3287d ago

agreed tacos...
having a blast with this game, the single player so far is not impressing me very much, but the online has been very smooth with the exception of all the damn snipers. one game I was in the the entire team did not leave their spawn, they sat back and sniped and destroyed our team.

im digging the hardcore mode most of all, stops a lot of the explosive spam and missle drops....notice a few more UAVs running in the air rather than missle drops/mortars. its gonna need a few patches for this/that but I am happier with this then I have been playing with randoms on Mod Warfare 2.

alcapwn1803287d ago

It really took you 14 hours on normal? No one can be that bad. It took me the night I got the game at a midnight release. Played from probably 1 to 6.

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Swiftfox3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

The problem doesn't souly rest on the shoulders of the familiarity of those mechanics continuing to sell games. Its the blatent calls for sequils and threequils that worries me the most.

I know that people want to play more of the amazing game that they just played to the max but honestly that's what DLC was supposed to be for. The introduction of small content packages to please the fans of the title while the devs can continue to do new things.

The problem I think is that games take so long to make and are so expensive to produce that some devs and companies have no choice but to be safe in copying or re-producing games like God of War or Call of Duty. God of War to me is the biggest offender this gen, can I please put in a western developed hack n' slash that doesn't have a game mechanic that isn't blatently in common with God of War?

BLAKHOODe3287d ago

i'm personally loving my copy of Medal Of Honor. i was never too big a fan of the COD style multiplayer and have limited experience playing it, so i couldn't tell you which is better between MOH and any COD game, but i find Medal Of Honor's single player campaign (which i'm about 80% through) to be much more engaging. everything i've done so far seems like something real soldiers would really be doing in our current war. not only that, the game sounds spectacular.. in such a way that i found IGN's 8.5 score for the game's sound to be a bit too low, as the game's sound deserves to be a solid 10.

but, ultimately, like with anything, it comes down to what YOU like.. not what the other guy likes. i like Medal Of Honor. i'd recommend it. maybe you will, too? the only way to find out is play it and see.

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