GameBlurb: Versus - Medal of Honor Screenshot Comparison

Presenting “Versus”, a new feature we are adding to the ever growing content of GameBlurb. Versus will pit screenshots of cross platform titles against each other and you the viewer will decide the outcome! It’s PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 and the first game that’s going to square off is EA’s Medal of Honor.

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jaidek3289d ago

Nice! That is a very slick way of comparing screenshots! Overall, very close. Seems that the Xbox has slightly softer shadows but man, what happen to the tree on the Xbox 360 version. Oh,'s the FrostBite Engine

Karlnag33289d ago

This is the single player... so no. It's not the Frostbite engine.

Kiroe3289d ago you are telling me the use a slightly different engine for multiplayer to campaign? I have never heard a company do that before. Interesting.

Karlnag33289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Campaign is done on a modified Unreal Engine 3 by danger close. Multiplayer is done by DICE on their own Frostbite engine. They say they did it that way because DICE are better with multiplayer and Danger Close are better with singleplayer which makes sense... but I still think they did it mainly to get the game finished faster.

Kiroe3289d ago

Wow, that must have been a production nightmare. All of those models that would need to be exported to two different engines and ensure they visually look the same. Kudos to them!

junk3d3289d ago

Do you have an article that supports this? I find this very interesting.

Karlnag33289d ago

no I do not have an article but I thought that all of this was common knowledge by now... still, google is your friend.

PS sorry for the delayed reply, I've been at work.

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RudeSole Devil3289d ago

Nice job on the original idea of side by side screen shot comparisons. The only place I have seen this before was at Did you work there or just find their site and steal their ideas?

hackersdelight3289d ago

excellent job on stealing another idea. Someone I once spoke with hated screenshot comparisons and first look reviews. Wonder who that was?????
Maybe we should have spoken more at E3 :)

hackersdelight3289d ago

Are you serious? Not even smart enough to know the Frostbite engine is only for multiplayer. Great job from another clueless site. isn't this the same site that thinks the first 10 min of a game can really give a good idea on how it is??? Amateur.

darkecho3289d ago Show
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liquidxtension3289d ago

Man the PS3 really had some awful screen tearing when I played it.

evildeli3289d ago

I like that panning effect. Kinda different

darkecho3289d ago

I'd like to see more of these comparisons from GameBlurb. The slide feature on the pictures is really neat.

sickbird3289d ago

why would you disagree with this comment? the slide is the easiest way to compare screen shots. People are so dumb.

junk3d3289d ago

For the most part it seems that they are very close. The xbox version has sharper textures, probably due to filtering. But overall, good job DICE.

Karlnag33289d ago

This is the singleplayer. So no. Not good job DICE. Good job Danger Close.

evildeli3289d ago

well, somebody did a good job :)

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The story is too old to be commented.