Sega Proves That Kinect Isn't Smoke And Mirrors Anymore, Kinect Really Works

Kinect is about to be released next month and there hasn't been anything too spectacular besides the media capabilities and Dance Central that has showed gamers that Kinect is truly the real deal. Sega has come to the rescue with Sonic Free Riders and surprisingly this game has it all and more.

Most importantly this game demonstrates some of the features that Kudo Tsunado has spoken about that's coming in the future with hardcore games as well so enjoy the interview and game footage.

Kinect Is Ready To Roll Out.

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rroded3293d ago

nothing reliable...

dont forget this is the dude that handed contra a 10/10 jus like every other game hes ever reviewed.

kaveti66163293d ago

Your statement makes you look like the liar, though.

I've seen HHG's game reviews. He has NOT given every game a 10/10.

When criticizing somebody, try not to look like an idiot yourself.

rroded3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

to anyone who sent him so much as a key fob dudes a gushing toilet of praise on every game mafia2 contra etc etc

if you got proof he's ever given anything a fair review ill take it all back.

kaveti66163293d ago

the issue is your statement

you say he gives every game a 10/10

not true.

you lied

that's it

move on.

Shadow Flare3293d ago

"dudes a gushing toilet of praise on every game"

Did you watch this video? Hiphopgamer did seem very, very excited when he found out sonic can ride a motorbike. I honestly find it hard to believe he was THAT excited over this title. And when he found out someone can take over your go if you wanna stop mid way through playing, he went a little bit mental. I mean, I like sonic too, that's what I grew up on but, geez, would you have been THAT excited about the game if the developers of it weren't standing right next to you?

"hold up, hold up, so you telling me you can be running one secon' and swimmin the nex'?!?! Whaaaaa!!!! Spin da belt!!!"

Yeah, it's just a case of standing still when running, then flapping your arms when in the water mate. I really don't get your excitement

Army_of_Darkness3293d ago

was the hot asian chick in the begining:D

TotalPS3Fanboy3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

This game used to sucked with the controller.

Now, Eurogamer, an anti-PS3 website, recently played it with Kinect, and even they admitted that it sucked.

HHG is smoking weed.

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JsonHenry3293d ago

ugh. I hit the "view source" and it was too late before I realized it was HHG and I gave that idiot a click. :(

menoyou3293d ago

As usual, HipHopLamer's headline is bogus. LOL

Apocalypse Shadow3293d ago

and doesn't work WELL.

if sega wanted,they could release this same game on pseye without any the question is:what is the camera doing that is so amazing?

if this can be done on ps2....
i know it can be done on ps3.

the only thing this...ha ha ha..."VIDICLE" proves,is that nothing has changed but graphics.and that microsoft is trying to sell a $150 dollar camera when a cheaper camera can do the same gameplay.and i'm not even talking about pseye.

egm_hiphopgamer3293d ago

hey Apocalypse your correct man I agree with you, but the thing is that sony didn't support eyetoy like they should have and kinect is trying to capitalize you feel me. I wish the pseye had more games like anti-grav but if they not gonna put them out, then kinect will you and you have to respect that.

Can sonic free riders be done on the pseye yes but is it being done no so technically until sony step up and utilize their power like phil harrison said, they will always be behind on that platform.

kung-fu live is a great no-controller game but that's only one game WE NEED MORE, so yes your right apocalypse hands down I agree with you

deadreckoning6663293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

"no one says it doesn't work.only that it's NOTHING NEW.
and doesn't work WELL"

Question: Have-you-played-it-yet?

Could the PSeye do it? Yeah probably..but its not. The PS3 could run Super Mario Galaxy 10x over....but the Wii is still outselling it. I don't get your point. Apocalypse, I'm looking at your comment history and I have to say..u spend more time moaning about Kinect and the 360 than you do anything else. If u have such a bad opinion towards these things, why not ignore them an move on with ur life....assuming you have one.

karl3293d ago


kung fu live its only one game? ...

and so is Sonic free riders... what other games kinect has?

seriosly this cheap games are suppose to be impresive?...

yes MS is trying to capitalize with this .. but not with kinect by making more and more games...
but with a lot of advertising .. having something casual and old and making it look next gen when its not...

do we really need to respect that? to be deceived?
MS puts more money on propaganda than it does on games...

nycredude3293d ago


No we don't need more. I need a controller for my gaming needs. You guys and gals want to go all casual be my guess but please don't speak for all gamers when you think "we need more" of this casual shit.

Redempteur3293d ago

played the "riders" sonic before ..

and if it doesn't work with a pad .. i don't know how it can work without one ..

"My opinion "

Bigpappy3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

how do you throw things at your opponents when PS-eye can't read forward motions. You would have to use the move for it to work. Then you would have to figure out how to replace the skooting with your feet to boost speed. Sonic FSR mabe based on Anti-garvity gameplay, but there are elements to it that can not be done with PS-eye. Infact, that game only tacked the top half of your body, namely head and arms.

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Crapple3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You see in the bottom corner of that Anti-Grav vid? That is what the Eyetoy is seeing. What they have basically done is created 3 "touch pads", 2 blue at the sides and one red in the center. These react to movement. There is absolutely zero tracking of a human body going on whatsoever. When you move your hand up and down the right pad, the board goes right. It doesn't have to be the players hand... it doesn't even have to be a hand.

Here is another example in Sega Superstars - Again, they have created motion pads at the side, cleverly designed so that the player stretches his arms out giving the illusion that he is flying the character. And notice how you have to wiggle your hand to select a button, because it doesn't know that there is a hand there, it is just waiting for any kind of movement input.

The vast majority of Eyetoy and webcam games give a great impression that they're doing what Kinect is doing, but they really are using smoke and mirrors, whereas Kinect is legitimately tracking the human body in 3D. That is the difference. Is that reflected in the gameplay? Not greatly so far, Kinect is still delivering mostly Eyetoy-like gameplay just in a very advanced way, but the potential is there for some truly unique experiences.

EasilyTheBest3293d ago

You are of course exactly right.. You explained it well..
I remember a few of the Eyetoy games, yes a friend could be playing and I could reach my hand into view of the screen and take part in the game.
Youll probably lose a few bubbles by pointing this out so well....

adamx3293d ago Show
jerethdagryphon3293d ago

i would agree kinect tech has potential to do some truely great things for sports games and others its the company behind it im worried about

ms hasnt really pushed boundrys in the past but prefer to play it safe

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saint_john_paul_ii3293d ago

"hey Apocalypse your correct man I agree with you, but the thing is that sony didn't support eyetoy like they should have"

JOLLY13293d ago 7 years. Why did you post this? So, HHg would have proof?

Seferoth753292d ago

Looks like 4 years to me. 2003 to 2007 but you only looked at Eyetoy specific games. Scroll down to others and you will find a lot more games that could be used with Eyetoy. 36 more games are listed

kneon3293d ago

Well this video is nothing to brag about, watch when the guy jumps, there is an unacceptably high lag. I don't know how you can possibly play it with such lag. The Kinect lag isn't usually as bad as that so it seems the game is also an issue here.

Plus I didn't see anything that the PS eye can't and hasn't already done before.

Moonboots3292d ago

adamx you didn't debate even one bit of Crapples post.

All you did was come back with the same ol hater speech.

+bubs for Crapple for explaining yet again why Kinect isn't just some EyeToy.

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ParanormalGamer3293d ago

Liking the work you putting in man.. Keep it coming..

whitesoxfalife3293d ago

good response HHG to Apocalypse i hope everybody takes notice on what you just stated specially the "SONAIRS"

turnerdc3293d ago

The movements seemed pretty accurate and I didn't notice much lag. Kudos to HHG and Sega.

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